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I found an old snapshot of my website back in 2009 using the waybackmachine. Using this you can bring up the character pages for Ghoul's Forest, something I get A LOT of requests for. The stories for the Ghoul characters are fresh in my head, but a lot of people don't remember what was once written on the website so consider this your last chance to get a backup of these! ... page_id=23

Hold on, let me fire up the yes machine.
(click to show/hide)So many nostalgic memories.

Oh man, that old forum theme...

Colonel ServBot:
Woah, what's that Zombi Outbreak thing? Was that also made by CutMan Mike?
It looks really cool!

It's just a single level, kill the zombies and don't die kinda thing

Not sure if it still works, it used a really old 3d model format.

Edit: Still works in GZDoom, it's really easy though.


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