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Future of Cutstuff Sponsored Competitions.


Due to recent events, I will be stepping up my duties as a medal sponsor with a few requirements.

The admin staff will only sponsor a competition if:
The basic description of the competition. (Tournament, Coding, Mapping, etc)
The most important part, you must plan out and provide to me all intended rules, methods of judging, anything along those lines. Rethinking the rules /adding new ones is fine, so long as it doesn't radically change the intent of the proposal.
We also reserve the right to revoke the sponsorship (which means no medal) at any time.

Basic idea, if we don't agree with an element of the proposal, such as Korby allowing his judges to potentially win, then we can deny or even revoke the sponsorship. So let's try to keep things more fair to everyone in the future.

I also prefer PMs for this type of thing, please don't do it by skype or steam or what not.


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