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The Brothers Mapping Jam [MERGE]

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Dr. Freeman:
This is a good excuse to practice refining maps because I've been fooling around with stuff for a while but that's all it is, fooling around. So why not? Though I promise that I'm only super lame at making things look pretty, I know how to actually use things.

Name: Dr. Freeman
Mapping Style: Flexible but preferable indoors I guess
Texture: Sword Man
Skype/Dropbox: Yea
Contacts- Cutmail/Skype

Llama is calling me out
I can feeeeeel it.

Name: Lego
Mapping Style: Interior/Exterior...generally can do whatever, I guess.
Texture: Groundman
Skype/Dropbox: Yep
Contacts- Cutmail/Skype [legofan20]

Name: Gummywormz
Mapping Style: Small / Interior. I don't usually map seriously, but if I'm given a specific size (like here) I just make a sector that size and start carving out pieces.
Texture: Metal Man
Skype/Dropbox: Yes
Contacts- CutMail, Skype (hoopsandyoyofan26), Steam (gummywormz)

Name: Ivory
Mapping Style: Anything really.
Texture: Plant Man
Skype/Dropbox: Yep
Contacts- Cutmail/Skype

Hallan Parva:
Important announcement!

[6:45:03 PM] Gummywormz: smash what format does the map need to be in
[6:45:26 PM] Smasho Grubba: oh god damn it that is an excellent question
[6:45:35 PM] Smasho Grubba: curse my love of Hexen *shakes fist*
[6:45:36 PM] Ukiyama: should be doom format
[6:45:39 PM] Ukiyama: no jump

[6:53:48 PM] Smasho Grubba: I really want to say Hexen
[6:53:48 PM] Smasho Grubba: you have to drag your pieces into a new file -anyway- so UDMF people can just make the jump then

Front page will be updated accordingly~


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