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Cutstuff Mapping Jam 2: FALCON JOINS THE FIGHT!

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Honestly weapon and item layouts come down to opinions and experience with weapon sets...playing modes like duel and deathmatch a whole bunch and seeing how weapon and item layouts balance out in other maps could help mappers get the experience they want out of their maps. This has been extremely helpful for me since I enjoy duel and small deathmatch games, so I obviously tailor my maps and weapon sets around environments and experience with those modes in hopes achieving a proper balance.

tl;dr - weapon sets, regardless of whether people are good at them or not, come down to the responsibility of the mapper to learn how weapons work and how strong they are in situations they see appearing within the maps they create.

Dr. Freeman:
Hello everyone! Bumping this thing after a few weeks.

So people had maybe fun times making maps in a short period of time, I dunno if you did or not that's not my job to say, and everyone played on them for a bit and at the very least, they were completed maps.

That being said, playing the pack it is very evident that well...these maps were made in a short amount of time, because they were. And why that's a neat little thing for when it first came out, it's not so neat now.
So here we are with starting the next version.

Basically, I want to release a polished and revised version of this pack to make the maps from "playable but ehh" to "hey this is kinda decent to play on!"
However, I can touch up my map all I want, that's not enough for revamp things. So if you've made a map for the pack and you want to revise your map, fix up bugs, change weapon layouts, Idunno, this is the time to do it! Basically the strict time limit is off, though I'm hoping a month is long enough for revisions to happen. If you have a revision, just PM me or send it over Skype.

However, for this revision there actually will be a little bit of quality control. So if some of the maps just don't get anything at all to make them better, they're going to be canned when the revision comes out.

Thank you all very much, and I'm hoping that some people might be interested in making their maps better without a strict deadline!

Hello, I couldn't see the map card when entering through those stages.


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