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Cutstuff Mapping Jam 2: FALCON JOINS THE FIGHT!

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I'm sticking to just 24 hours because I want to play video games
It'll be more than enough time anyway.

Also, remember that quality control is still going to have to apply as far as medals go. Rush hour all you want, but keep it in your best interest to keep your map enjoyable.


--- Quote from: "Rozark Kyouko" ----snip-
--- End quote ---
I'm asking because it doesn't make sense, given the nature of the medal.
Athlete - Won a Speed Running competition

See, for this to make sense, the first one to submit their map would get the medal and then there would be no further point to participating. That's dumb, and I'm pretty sure another medal would be more fitting for this.

Dr. Freeman:

--- Quote from: "Dr. Freeman" ---You'll be moving at the speed of light to hopefully obtain this sexy medal!

Unless certain things don't apply, then you can just get another Fun Medal.

--- End quote ---

It says Speedrun first and Fun as a backup, Ivory said it was cool but he was gonna double check with Mike who has last say. So if Mike is like "nah son" then have fun medals instead.

Oh hell to the yes, sign me up.

I'm going to sign up, try and get me motivated to map again.

What time is 6:00 PM EST in UK time?


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