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Woo man, it's been like forever since I came back to this forum, I remember when it was all new and shiny and had only a small following of GvH enthusiasts.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone around here has a link to or knows the source of all the GvH character art that was done before. The character pages are gone from the main site and I remember Frostbite and the new classes that were added for and after Cold Demise had some art done for them too.

Hey, great to see you again. As far as I remember, those pages are no longer in existence. Mike probably would still have all the images, try asking him if he doesn't notice this thread.

I think you mean these?


Thanks, I really just wanted to have another look at all of them.

Try looking in GvHv3b5.pk3 in graphics folder using SlumpEd or SLADE.
you can find all of them including yurei & eyesore.


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