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What would happen if GvH was commercial?


Laggy Blazko:
Just random ideas.

- The appearance of the marine and the hunter would have to be changed a lot so they wouldn't look like registered characters.
- Same for some ghouls (Creeper, Frostbite) so they wouldn't look like masks.
- Probably it wouldn't have a ghostbuster.
- Santa would be in a DLC

LOL, I bumped this FORUM

Colonel ServBot:
i'd actually like to see GvH become real or some thing. :lol:
seems cool

It would certainly be interesting, but compared to other multiplayer-only games out there like Team Fortress 2, this is really, really small. And it would get old fast, too. Ah, not to mention the large amounts of legal troubles, considering atleast 3 ghouls are based off of actual (very expensive) helloween masks, and Doomguy, and the hunter being an edit from one of the Hexen/Heretic (forgot which one) main characters. And it takes material from so much other games too. :P

If you ignore the size and replayability issues, the graphics can be worked around and remade if this where to become a actual product, i think. If they're remaking the voices as well that could end up being hilarious, as Cutman produced the Creeper voice without any kind of aid, i heard. God that must have been bad for his throat.

Edit: And yeah, the forum's pretty inactive these days, be carefull about bumping old topics or the mods will come after you. Unless there's a good reason for reviving the old topic, i think.


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