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Just as the title says - I try to play the Yurei Battle in GvHv3b5 (with the yurei battle add on of course) and it tells me it has no Player 1 Start. I'd like to know if this is a problem with the map itself or if I am doing something wrong as I really want to play Yurei Battle again (especially with my friends) I am using Zandronum

Laggy Blazko:
Unfortunately it can't be played on normal co-op. It needs to be Survival or Singleplayer.

I tried to launch it with Offline Skirmish Survival Coop, not regular coop.

Weird, while i havent updated Zandronum in a while (if it ever had any updates so far), i'm getting the same error when i try and play it that way. Perhaps its a Zandronum bug in regards to how it handles survival nowadays.

I did find a way to bypass it though with the console.
First open the console and set 'survival' to true, then you could optionally set the amount of lives with 'sv_maxlives', and finally use the command 'map gvhfin' to play the map. You could also enable sv_cheats this way i suppose. Here's a list of what to do in order to be clear anyway:

--- Code: ---survival 1
sv_maxlives [anynumber] (like sv_maxlives 3, for 3 lives)
sv_cheats 1 (if you want cheats enabled)
map gvhfin
--- End code ---

And if I were to try to do this on a server?


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