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>no melee humans
>no ranged ghouls
>no op-ass items
>no >100MB music wads

Wow, it looks like GvH may make a comeback yet.


Laggy Blazko:
Aw, I was getting used to the Defiler.
Nice. Let's see if they can make creepers less annoying. And make better maps.
Did I read "less retarded achievements"? WHYYYYYY?!?!?!

Iiiiiiiinteresting, looking forward to seeing if it overthrows the current GVH incarnation.

Interesting i suppose but it would seem its run by those bunch who also ran NS, and i think their reputation is still quite... Well known, if anything. It wouldnt suprise me if their awful habits continue to this day, considering their past i've read about more or less...

Ah well personally i find that all the new classes people think of fall to one or more of the below unwanted caragories:
-Messes up the Range vs Melee aspect in any way which the original classes use.
-Over or Underpowered.
-Being more or less a sort of clone to the original classes, thus kind of unneeded.
-Have highly abusable ideas (aka invisibility gone wrong, and used to troll camp or such).
Cant think of more strangely, but NS had plenty of horrible ideas and pretty much did all of the above, except maybe the 3rd one, they tried so hard it just broke number 1 instead.

And more often then not the Original classes tend to get edited into something overly gimped compared to how they used to operate, in which you might as well not use any classes and make your own class-based mod!
Ah well, probaly wont end up liking this very much like just about any other GVH modification. Just got different tasted then most of the people it would seem, i'll just personally blame it on lack of quality taste. Oh how i wish good ol regular GVH became popular again instead...

Of course i did read in there they might not do the same mistakes again, but still, its THEM, time will only tell.

Colonel ServBot:
I always wondered what it was like. Lets hope I wont have to actually buy Doom 2.


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