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GVH Darkdreams is real?

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Well, first off the opening post isn't in English, and we're an English speaking board. So I'm going to say that the bulk of the people who look at this topic won't actually make heads of tails out of it. Perhaps you could edit it in English? With that being said, you have an edit button on the bottom right side of your posts (the scissors cutting paper symbol button). If you could please edit your posts instead of double posting. Double posting is frowned upon and can lead to being warned if it occurs too often, and especially after being told not to.

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spm dark marine:
sorry my english sucks

I think I'll just lock this since this thread is serving no purpose and you bumped your own topic just to say that?

I'd like to say 'thank you' to Ivory for unlocking this thread.
GVH Darkdreams, I believe, was going to be a real add-on (started by doom0666 on YouTube) but development was discontinued. It was just me and him. In fact, I think I was the only one who did any coding, I guess doom0666 was mapping for it or something (since he uploaded music which he claimed was going to be for the maps). I stopped working on it after some progress on the first class, Doom-64 Guy, to work on my other Team-DM mod, HELL Vs Marines.

This is my video showing the progress I made on Doom-64 Guy:
(click to show/hide)
This was doom0666's first trailer for it (this is where I asked him if I could help him out):
(click to show/hide)I'd doubt I'll return to it though. Thank you.


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