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I've archived all the profiles of the Ghouls and Humans, including their .GIF images and artwork. Unfortunately, Jitterskull's .gif image wasn't present.

In any case, I'll .zip it all and put a download for those who don't wanna go over it.

EDIT: Heads up -


--- Quote from: "CutmanMike" ---so consider this your last chance to get a backup of these!

--- End quote ---

What do you mean by last chance?

In case waybackmachine deletes the pages, it has done before

Laggy Blazko:
Aw, It seems I can't download files. I wonder where I can find the "any level invasion" WAD now...
Neither I can't read things like "Top 10 reasons why Seth is a giant pile of gay" because they use the original links.. Well, at least I remember something about it, heheh.

If you search for the author's name and the name of the wad on google maybe it will turn up?


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