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LMFAOOO ( ghouls forest related)


This is random, but for all this time I have been playing gvh, I have never completed ghouls forest. I just recently decided (Maybe at like, 2:50 or 3:00 AM) to play all of the ghouls forests. Let me tell, you, I have never experienced a better jumpscare. The funny thing is that I knew what was coming every time but it still scared me. Also, why is ghouls forest so ******** HARD?! I had to cheat to beat the choke in the first one, i had to cheat to beat teleporting sjas in the second one, and the third one, don't get me started on any of them.

You should go beat Ghoul Forest 3 with FOGMODE on. You'll have a blast with it.

Except not really. I just like a challenge.  :ugeek:


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