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Title: [Improved(?) Animation] Top Platform Voxel
Post by: Trillster on October 04, 2020, 03:37:59 AM
Super subjective thing but it's always been a bit of a bother with these voxels. The voxel itself looks nice and is a good representation of the platform, but it uses Zandronum's default spinning argument which both looks uncanny when put next to other MM8BDM texturing and animation but also doesn't actually fit the rotation speed when you turn off voxels. So instead, consider doing something such as this for its VOXELDEF,
Code: [Select]
TOPPA="TOPPA" {AngleOffset = 360}
TOPPB="TOPPA" {AngleOffset = 240}
TOPPC="TOPPA" {AngleOffset = 120}

Here's the current for comparison,
Code: [Select]
TOPPA="TOPPA" {spin = 180}
TOPPB="TOPPA" {spin = 180}
TOPPC="TOPPA" {spin = 180}

And here's a video showcasing the newer animation,
(click to show/hide)