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Projects & Creative / Cutstuff Lazer tag
« on: December 27, 2021, 03:23:47 AM »
CutStuff Lazer Tag
A new, Community class making project.

So what is this about?

Cutstuff Community Lazer Tag is a new userclass mod I am developing with a emphasis on class creation and a twist on the approach itself. Set specifically for team last man standing, the mod has players arm themselves with an array of lazer guns and equipment from a shop between rounds. with everyone sporting the same base stats and weapon access, the thing that make classes distinct beyond their visuals is their toolset of abilities and utilities which are also purchased from said shop.

Putting it simply, it's valorant but with user classes.

Wait, what's Valorant?
Valorant is a tactical shooter released by riot games about a year ago, it's based on the gameplay structure of CouterStrike : Global offensive where players buy their arsenal between rounds and engage in a match where one side must get a bomb planted while the other side prevents it. Valorant stands out however in that it brings hero shooter elements into the tactical shooter sphere by having class specific abilities take the role of tactical utilities like smokes, molotoves, and the like while also granting other ways to engage with the core game.

while not entirely, it can be compared to Rainbow six siege or apex legends in some ways, with R6 also being a hero based tactical shooter where each operative bring a unique gadget that offers it's own tactical advantages, and with Apex legends in that both games operate under the bases of working with a pre-existing pool of weapons, while the playable characters themselves possess unique abilities that aid in their goals and gunplay.

What are the key elements to this mod?
(click to show/hide)

About Class Creation and Participation
(click to show/hide)

W.I.P Forum / Pokemod - a 3rd person moba/shooter with pokemon elements
« on: August 30, 2020, 04:06:51 PM »
So What is the Pokemod?
The pokemod is a fairly extensive Class+Gameplay mod aimed at being a 3rd person shooter with RPG and moba elements, primarily based around the pokemon franchise. this mod however goes further than just creating a bunch of pokemon themed CBM classes.

This mod aims to harness the various interwoven parts that make up a singular pokemon within the baseline game, and translate those mechanics within an action based environment as opposed to a strict turn based one. this has been a passion project that I've wanted to see happen long before I even got into zandronum modding.

How does this work
when choosing your class, you are given the choices of any number of pokemon as well as Smeargle taking the role of megaman to protect you from skin crashes, in progression mode, the playable pokemon are all first stage pokemon that may have the ability to evolve into greater forms, boosting their stats, changing their typing, and even giving them access to new moves. In rentals mode, all available forms of pokemon function as independant classes all with their own preset movesets that can be freely modified. the available roster all depends on what the rentals addon dictates.

Many of the mechanics present within the core franchise all exist within this mod, the stats and distinctions between physical and special damage sources, typing interactions, and even the functions of statuses and various moves. some changes were made in respect to the different environment of course.

Currently, the roster consists of all the starters from generations 1-4, with more to come down the road once the mod leaves beta stages.

In gameplay, the majority of your setup is done in a special menu titled "PKMN Setup"
(click to show/hide)

Here, you can perform a number of key functions so long as you're within a safe location, from learning level-up moves to buying items and TMs to even evolving.
(click to show/hide)

So What about the moves?

Moves are a major part of this mod, a sort of marriage between weapons and abilities, moves are the main actions that your class can perform. you can hold up to four moves, each operating as a mainfire with a generic melee attack for an altfire. said generic melee is typeless, and takes the position of early normal moves like scratch,tackle,pound, and horn attack. as such, those moves do not exist in the mod.
(click to show/hide)

Pokemon all have a pool of moves they can learn and relearn naturally at no cost, consisting of 4 starting moves plus one additional one unlocked at each level up to max lvl 15. TM's can also be bought from the shop to learn a move so long as that move is compatible. picking the right set of moves is crucial for getting the most value during gameplay. not only do you have 2 attacking and defending stats to account for (which is your best attacking stat, which defense is your opponent weakest on), but you also need to account for range as well as utilities that best serve the function you aim to bring to your team.

When will this be playable
Though it's still in beta, it is in a fully playable state, and servers are usually up for it, typically named Pokemon Betatest ## things are still in a state of flux as I'm still trying to establish some core elements with the mod before I really dive into additional content such as newer pokemon and mechanics.

A humble discord also exists for this mod, I'm hesitant to post an invite here out of fear of bots but if you'd like a link to it, just reach out to me on discord and I'll send you the invite. the discord is mostly just for organizing tests as of right now.

W.I.P Forum / Project RivalBawlz: a nerf-inspired class mod
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:52:57 PM »
Project rivalbawlz is a work in progress ďclassĒ mod with a theme around nerf-like soft projectile blasters, weapons are largely characterized by itís ammo of choice in terms of firing styles, shot trajectories, and ammo capacities. and all shots fired can be picked back up and reconstituted into your supply.

drawing from splatoon, each blaster is paired with a secondary tool and a special ability, secondary tools offer complimentary functions to the main weapon, such as bombs or inflatable blockades for cover.Specials on the otherhand are high impact but limited use tools and abilities that with proper use, can promote or stop pushes in gameplay.

Currently there are 4 ammo classes with more to come in the future, details on each and the nature of their blasters are below

Ammo Types:


Central to the world of soft projectile combat. ball blasters are weapons characterized by their speed. ball blasters are fast firing and quick to reload, and ball rounds come out fast and ricochet off walls, making these blasters excel at close range engagements.

(click to show/hide)

Darts hit hard and reach far, making blasters of this ammo type ideal for long range skirmishes.

(click to show/hide)

approaching aerodynamics in a different way than most ammo types, darts glide through the air like frisbees and can bounce off walls without any loss in velocity! highly adept for trickshots!

(click to show/hide)

When it comes to long distance pressure, nothing comes close to the capabilities of arrows. harness the ancient power of archery to deliver the hits at ranges no other blaster can contest with!

(click to show/hide)


*note, beta imagery*

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)


(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

*under construction

Design and in depth mechanics
this mod draws a lot from splatoon in terms of combat mechanics and weapon/class design, you might wonder exactly how that is given the lack of painting and swimming, well itís for the following reasons:

first off, all weapons in the game have a hard set maximum range, shots can only travel so far and once your target is far away, hitting them is virtually impossible. a big part of combat is about working out how to get to an ideal range with your toolset relative to your given opponent. some kits make it easier for a weapon to approach another opponent while others help to keep opponents further away from you.

thereís also a inverse correlation with range and mobility. as shorter ranged weapons tend to have more freedom of movement both in and out of combat, whereas longer ranged weapons tend to be more stationary.

there are more factors to a weapon that go into itís style of play and situation requirements beyond just how far it can shoot and how mobile it is, all of those factors include:

Time to kill (TTK)
a combination of shot power, rate of fire, and the charge up/windup time that happens at the pull of a trigger, essentially how quickly can a weapon eliminate a target at a momentís notice. weapons with shorter TTKís are more readily lethal, even when unprepared.

Shot power
how much a single projectile does per hit. this denotes the break points at which the number of shots it would take to eliminate a previously wounded player is lowered. if one blaster does 50 per shot and another 80, both are a 2 hit kill, however against an opponent that has sustained minor damage from another source, theyíd be more at risk of being one-shotted by the 80 damage blaster, whereas the 50 damage blaster still needs to land 2 shots at least.

a blanket term to describe how much movement this weapon allows the wielder. each weapon has a base movement speed, while some also have lower speeds when in a firing position (typically an automatic or charge based blaster)

Ammo Efficiency
how this blaster handles a players ammo supply. this includes factors such as capacity, ammo cost (decided on itís ammo class) and reload speed but is also influence by things like rate of fire and shot power. these factors dictate how active a weapon can be, how much downtime it experiences, and how readily it can use itís subweapon. weapons with high capacity and fast reloading (common with ball blasters as they often use hoppers) can sustain action for long periods of time with few downtimes. weapons with a higher ammo demand (darts and arrows) will have to be more choosy with their actions given the situation, as recklessly firing will leave them dry on ammo sooner.

Effective range
This covers not only how far a weaponís shots travel, but how quickly and precisely they do. ball rounds travel fast and often have tight groupings but lose velocity and fall faster than other rounds, disks can travel further than most ammo types but are slow and easy to dodge at long distances. darts have great reach and travel time, however some dart blasters can have a lot of shot deviation, meaning that once they are so far from a target, their chances of hitting them diminish.

These five main factors are what primarily how a weapon is best used and where, there are even more factors such as the signature characteristics of the ammo type but those details can be touched on at another time.

Another area where this mod draws from splatoon is in kit design. classes in splatoon are primary weapons with pre designated loadouts composed of isolated tools that all work in tandem with each other. a splat bomb was a splat bomb and a suction bomb was a suction bomb. however, the pairing of one subweapon or another radically changed the nature of that weapon. consider the tentatek and kensa variants of the splattershot in splatoon2. the tentatekís splat bomb makes the weapon far more adept at combat with the ability to throw a fast acting grenade to eliminate or pressure threats into the weaponís effective range. the suction bomb on the kensa splatter shot gives it more zoning power by being able to throw a sticky bomb with a large time delay and blast radius, however this also makes the weapon more passive as the ink demand for the suction bomb means you cannot shoot as liberally, and suction bombs themselves arenít quite as good in direct combat due to their delay.

Iíve always loved this design choice for itís practicality, consistency, and itís ability to create a variety of play options without the need to create a lot of new content, which is all good for a one man project meant to be a used as a vehicle for more gamemodes.

Anything Goes / Ehibika's 2018 objectives
« on: January 01, 2018, 11:44:59 AM »
Wasnít sure what would be an appropriate place to put this, so I figured this would be a safe spot.

Anyways, so itís the dawn of a new year, 2018. An excellent time to set out new year resolutions and yearly objectives. And as a modder, I have quite several objectives I want to achieve over this year. With a lot of new projects I want to take on as well as older projects I want to try and revive. So here on this thread Iíd like to discuss just what king of mods Iím gunning for this year of 2018, will I be able to do all of it? probably not alone at least. But moving onwardÖ


A Utility mod Iíve been recently working on to pave the way for other alternative game modes within regular deathmatch maps, both core and custom. Hotspots is a database mod that contains useful coordinates for spawning actors in, and placing special markers called ďhotspotsĒ on those areas. Each map has a center point/focal point hotspot, a red/blue team hotspot located near the team spawns on a map, and 5 hotspots located at various key interests across the map.

The hotspots are plotted manually, and so it takes time to get them all down. But my hopes are that they will help lead the way to some newer game modes on regular deathmatch maps that depend on spawning specific objects on the map.

Open Battlefield

A mod being made alongside hotspots to showcase what it can be useful for. This chaotic hybrid game mode that employs elements of king of the kill, screw scramble, and the old operation battlefield mod in one big conquest for points. Players are divided into teams and tasked with reaching a point goal by grabbing point orbs, fragging foes for screws to deliver to auto/reggae, and keeping the central control point in your teamís favor. With powerups and upgrades available, this game mode can offer a chaotic, casual experience.

Rockman World Tour

A mapping endeavor started off by me and Clause months ago (which currently only amounted to 2 complete maps so far) with the aim of being a full pack of payload maps each using the map resources, design structure, and gimmicks of each core map. The aim of course was to give the Evil Escort game mode a chance to operate in a map more optimized for it. as so far it has had to settle with repurposed CTF maps.

The mod that took me from being a nobody to beingÖa bit more known I suppose. Gunslingers was a cowboy themed duel mod made in response to issues Iíve heard about with duel in other class mods and vanilla. Where players spend more time running away to heal and get items then fight, or in CBM, try to use certain classes to cheese their opponent. Gunslingers was meant to strip all that off and leave you with just a revolver, wallhacks to find your opponent immediately. And the need for some good aim.

It was quite a hit for the time, and while it didnít last too long as a duel mod (as people quickly got sick of getting facerolled by blews), it was well enjoyed in the communities favorite LMS game mode.
The mod as seen some neglect, and at one point changes that I think werenít for the best. Iíd like to refurbish this mod, bring back and tune what made it fun while seeing what can be done to emphasize aiming skill and movement skill.

The Neumodian project

Perhaps the class mod Iím most known for by now. The neumodian project is a teamplay oriented mod thatís main draw is the ability to create your own loadout of 2 weapons and a shared altfire. Effectively creating the class and role you aim to fill on the team. Taking place in organized combat games sponsored by the intergalactic arms and gadget facility that the mod is named after. Players have a collection of weapons and tools from practical to unorthodox at their disposal. Allowing them to adapt to any situation and to any map structure.

Iíve done plenty of tweaks and closed tests but havenít really ran the mod in public too often. With the amount of time and work put into it, Iíd like to change that this year.

Project Onslaught (Name Pending)

A bit of a foray into PvE gameplay for a change, this would be a MvM inspired invasion mod tasking players with surviving and defending a destructible entity from hordes of various user created monsters through many waves. Players would have 3 classes to choose from, the fighter, the defender, and the medic. Each with their own weapon proficiencies and innate perks.

A more ambitious project and one I may not fully do alone. I have managed to get enemies to follow a path and attack a battery on a prototype map. So, the groundwork is there at least. But I also wanted to open the door to original mob creations from other people. Be they mundane, lethal, or meme-filled.

Custom DuelBot (Name Pending)
A truly fascinating idea brought up by Zard. This would be a mod heavily inspired by the custom robo series, a collection of games where you set up small combat robots with a loadout of guns, bomb, pods, and legs that each shape the nature of your abilities and how you go about combat.

Specifically, my rough idea would be a duel mod where players could make a setup consisting of a straight shooting mainfire. A bomb altfire with various movement patterns, and an itemfire missile pod for AOE attacks to control space. The idea at large is still in the rough, planning stages but it just seems like such a fantastic idea on paper.

Team Kirby Clash (name pending)

Another more recent endeavor done through inspiration from Kirby Battle Royale. TKC was a Kirby themed class mod consisting of classes based on a selection of copy abilities, but beyond that had movement staples of the Kirby series present on all classes, being able to double tap forward to sprint. Crouch to enter an immobile guard state, and to float by pressing the jump key multiple times. And like with Kirby superstar and Kirby games of recent years. You could perform varying attacks based on your movement state.

Due to the need for a lot of visual content, the mod currently hasnít gone too far. With only 4 copy classes in it (bomb, beam, archer, and sword) but Iím looking to revisit it this year as well. The mod would mainly be balanced for 1 flag CTF and control point games.

And along the way, Iíd also like to try and both maintain and host some of my older game modes more frequently, such as ATF, Operation Takedown, Pointlock, and bankheist just to name a few. Class compatibility has been my primary concern with these mods as CBM doesnít mix well with anything not TLMS. But I have the neumodian project. And weíve been seeing some newer mods crop up as well.

So yes, a busy year for me. As mentioned before I likely wonít get all of these down by myself, but Iíd like to at least get my plans out there so that I can stay on track.

W.I.P Forum / Teamstyle: The Objective Class mod
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:25:15 PM »
(This thread is a work in progress, forgive the incompleteness)

Teamstyle is an objective game mode class mod designed around team play through class synergy, class relationship, and the presence of abilities found in no other class mod as of this time. Taking inspiration from a number of team based class shooters like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Dirty bomb, Splatoon, and more as well as just general ideas from other games weíve applied.

The mod doesnít just stop at classes though, it incorporates a number of features and design choices at the interest of adding tactical options, these include:

~The ability to walk and shoot through allies
~Damage falloff, raising range variance and the importance of placement.
~Numerical damage display
~Internal respawn system
~The ability to see the health of allies (as a support class)

And features that will be coming in soon:
~Team communication commands (call help, call medic)
~See class distribution among your team via Automap
~Scoreicons for all classes

How is there any more teamplay in this mod than Class based Modification or Unholy?

Teamplay is largely facilitated by classes being designed around specific roles, each have a primary job in the game and are built to perform that job as efficiently as possible, rather than being exclusively centered around fast passed DPS, many classes either employ the threat of damage to hold an area and keep enemies back, or are about more than just dealing damage, some can heal allies, generate shields to deflect oncoming fire, or debuff opponents to weaken them a good deal.

But the most important aspect of the mod is the fact that classes are balanced around one another, each can be checked by another class or another strategy available to the player, and success is achieved by adapting ones strategies and decisions around what strategies the opponent is using.

Is everyone crowded in a big clump and sending waves of firepower your way? Some explosive wielding classes can help clear things up, and some shielding classes can redirect the damage from the team.

Is a long ranged class locking the area down? Try a speedy flanker and see if you can remove him, or use another long ranged class to take him on.

Is your team unable to last through the enemyís defenses? Probably time to roll a healer and help sustain the team long enough to take them down.

Teamstyle Class and mechanics guide

Basic mechanics:
    Damage falloff
    Blast jumping
    Double jumping

Class Guide:
Offense Classes:

Defense Classes:

Support Classes:

~~Basic Mechanics~~

Damage falloff:

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)
Blast Jumping:
(click to show/hide)

~Offense Classes~
Offense classes are designed around assaulting an objective, these are the ones that push onto the key entity of interest and will fight whatever stands in their path. These classes have generally high mobility, Their DPS varies but they are usually equipped with means to get around or through defenses.

[+]=====|The Fighter|====[+]
(click to show/hide)

~Defense Classes~
Defense classes are all about protecting an entity of interest by obstructing pathways to it, and eliminating threats efficiently. Despite what the name may usher (for those used to RPGs), these classes tend to have very high damage potential, and use said damage potential to hold attackers from advancing or wiping them out when they do bypass defenses. Conversely, most defense classes usually arenít too mobile, and depend heavily on being in the right position to be at their most effective.

~Support Classes~
Support classes are centered around using non damaging or auxiliary abilities to keep their allies in the fight and lean things in their teams favor, supports possess talents that are valuable both on the offensive and defensive, and see themselves in both situations often. While the current selections of supports are all able to heal, support isnít strictly healing. They can augment allies or weaken enemies, all while still contributing DPS when itís needed.

Q:Can I suggest/submit a class idea?

A: sure thing! Iím always open to ideas for new classes, just remember that the class should be defined by what it offers to the team, not how it plays. I donít want to have multiple classes that deal the same damage at the same range and do the same things but just do them differently. Also remember that I have the final say on statistics, if a class that was suggested or even submitted to me ends up throwing the gameís balance way out of line, I will act immediately to tune it at the interest of a better playing experience, even without your consent. Worse case scenario I may outright remove it, Iíve done it with my own classes before.

Q: Wait, the Sniper has damage falloff? Doesnít that defeat the purpose?

A: marksman is more of a long distance burst damage class than he is a traditional FPS sniper, he still does far more damage from a distance than any other class, but since he only getís bodyshots here I felt it would be better for the recipient since if far enough, a fatal shot could become near fatal, which would lead the victim to fall back. The marksman still removed the victim for a moment while the victim has the opportunity to avoid dying and having to respawn if he so chooses.

Q: Does this mod have a discord chat?
A: indeed! the link is here:

W.I.P Forum / Gunslingers!! The Cowboy Duelist mod.
« on: June 06, 2016, 08:23:26 AM »
No items....
No weapons...
No fancy gadgets or tricks...
No hiding...

Just you, him, and the guns in each of your hands.

Gunslingers!!, a mod that started primarily as a duel mod but is also viable in Deathmatch and Team LMS. designed for quick and highly skill based matches. the game pits you as one of 5 different colton models. each armed with the same gun and level of abilities. but carrying their own set of choice words for their opponent.

How does it play?

it's very simple really, you're armed with a revolver that has a clip of 6 shots, you have infinite ammo but reloading takes a bit of time. the revolver can fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger, but rapid fire makes all subsequent bullets veer off course and do a little less damage. so try not to make a habit of fanning the hammer all the time.

2 key mechanics are also present in this game mode. the ability to see enemy players behind walls, and damage drop-off with your bullets.

with the ability to see your foe's general location when not in your line of sight, the fight can start as quickly as possible with both parties being able to reach each other with minimal searching. and in games with more than one gunner, can keep an alert player from an unpleasant ambush by some yellow-bellied back shooter. which is important because of the second feature pivotal to this game mode: Damage falloff.

your bullets deal damage relative to the distance they travel from the one that shoots them. within a short radius around the user, damage falloff does not occur, and the bullets will do their full damage of 100 health. this area is what I call the "fatal zone", where one shot will down a foe instantly. past that small area, the bullets shrink in power until they reach their minimum of 25 damage.

mid ranged gun fights can end within 2-3 shots, but long ranged shootouts will always end with 4 shots.

how you take advantage of this is all up to you. you can try and ace the opponent with a close quarters fatal shot by hopping around the corner, but just remember. they'll always be able to do the same damage to you in that situation, and are just as aware of where you are as you are to them. they might be planning on doing the same thing in fact!

What is the goal of the mod?
First and foremost, it was intended to be a highly skill based duel game mod. with design choices being based off of common complaints I hear about duel. among those being the long waits. and the tendency for matches to drag on as opponents retreat for health and search for items.

here, I wanted to eliminate that. I wanted the opponents to be able to find each other immediately. I wanted them to be ready to go the moment they spawn. and I wanted matches to end quickly. but not quickly in the sense of he that spams first wins, or he that knows some secret advantage to dominate their foe will win.

The revolvers were made to be powerful and responsive, but demanding the player to have good aim, leading. and use of cover as you can't just run out guns blazing and hope for success. otherwise this will be all that's left of you:

What more needs to be done?
as it is now, it's in a working state, now I just need to flesh things out visually. make a hud that actually looks like the colton's revolver buster, and have some varying skins for all the different fighters. just to identify them from one another at least. while it's not important now since they all work the same, I do want to dable with giving them varying traits and stats that differ their play styles from one another.

not to mention, incorporate tumbleweeds in some way.

and while this would be out of my reach, I'd love to have some maps made specifically for this mod, once with more of a clear western or western steampunk theme to them.

Can I get the file?

A Best Ever server should usually be up most of the time, usually with western themed names when not using the word "Gunslingers", currently though, the latest file is available here: ... npYY1dXQlk

Celebi - Help with getting the Hudmessageonactor script to work online
Red_Lantern - Creator of the colton skin, which was pretty much my prime inspiration for this mod.

Help & Editing / ACS Compiling?
« on: March 06, 2016, 09:57:17 PM »
Hey guys, I'm a user of Slade3 as it works with my operating system, but doing anything with ACS has always been problematic given the fact I cannot compile code on my own.

in earlier versions, attempting to compile even with Acc.exe gave me a blank error, but in the most recent version I get this:
Code: [Select]
=== Error log: ===
execvp(/Users/[Name]/Documents/~MM8BDM-v4c/ACC, path/acc154win/acc.exe, -i, /Users/[Name]/Documents/~MM8BDM-v4c/ACC path, /Users/[Name]/Documents/Slade Temp/DaDi.acs, /Users/[Name]/Documents/Slade Temp/DaDi.o) failed with error 2!

I have no clue what "error 2" is, and searching on google hasn't come up with anything.

So I want to ask if anyone might know what this is, or if there is an alternative way to compile ACS scripts.

W.I.P Forum / Nothing...
« on: January 15, 2016, 08:43:14 PM »
This was a complete failure...

General Gaming Discussion / Federation farce?
« on: June 18, 2015, 07:00:04 AM »
So, while I missed E3, I got myself up to speed on things and learned about how kinda "meh" the nintendo event largely was, especially in comparison to it's event before E3, but there was one title that has brought it's own Fanbase to a raging boil, Metroid prime: Federation force.

As far as I know, it is a co-op FPS in style of the Metroid prime games with the aim of characterizing the galactic federation, a plot element in the Metroid games that has remained largely out of focus due to the focus naturally being on Samus and her exploits. it also has a sort of gun soccer game mode with seemed...*Eh* to me, probably because it feels like it would lack depth, and also that it felt like something we could easily mod in doom itself if we wanted. But the key problem with this title is the clear absence of Samus within it, which makes it feel somewhat less like a Metroid game. that combined with the fact that we haven't had a core Metroid game, let alone a universally loved one; in years has enraged the fanbase to the point of actually starting a petition to cancel the game. and as of posting, is already at 12k signatures!

What do you all make of this? Admitingly I'm not much of a Metroid fan so my feelings towards the game are largely indifferent, but the fact that a petition is being made against it is disgusting to me. rather than communicating their disdain by just not buying it, they are actively trying to stop it's production altogether. it's an attempt at strong arming the company in order to bend them to the people's will. It just comes off as uncivilized, and if made a habit of, could be destructive to the field of gaming or entertainment at large.

...Thought I might be acting a bit extreme in that regard, I mean it's only a list of signatures, albeit a massive one. and there's no global law that states that if over a thousand people want you to do something then you must comply. Still, I worry that this may give an inaccurate impression that there would be no audience for the product, and thus no money to be made from it.

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