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DUOS - A 2v2 Vanilla Team Deathmatch Tournament


Did you ever want to test your MM8BDM skills against other people? Well here's the perfect chance for you and a friend to take on the world. Introducing...
DUOS: A 2v2 Vanilla Team Deathmatch Tournament

(Image graciously provided by myself)

DUOS Discord server:
DUOS ruleset:

DUOS is a 2v2 vanilla TDM tournament where teams will play matches in several fan-favorite maps from MM8BDM. The matches have a fraglimit of 20 and a timelimit of 20, with sudden death enabled in case the match is still tied after 20 minutes. The duos will be split into groups for the group stage, and then the results of the group stage will set the seeding for the knockout stage. The knockout stage is a double-elimination bracket where teams have to play a best of 3 match. The winning duo will receive commissioned drawings of their favorite robot masters, while the runner-up duo will receive commissioned pixel art of their favorite RMs. If this sounds interesting to you, please read the ruleset and join the Discord to learn more.
DUOS ruleset:

Signup template (deadline is August 31, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)):
Team name:
Team theme song:
Player 1 name:
Player 1 in-game name:
Player 1 availability:
Player 1 contact info:
Player 2 name:
Player 2 in-game name:
Player 2 availability:
Player 2 contact info:


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