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Dr. Freeman:
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 7: Jamomma

Hello everyone, it's Dr. Freeman and welcome to the seventh (what the heck) Cutstuff Mapping Jam! Once you hit this much it feels like insanity (even though the second was quickly removed from the franchise...)
It's been a year since the last one was started and I've had multiple people request another one, so what the heck. Another year, another jam. No v6 development to the get in the way.

If you are unaware as to what a mapping jam is, allow me to explain! Basically, the community comes together and makes a bunch of maps. It's not just something for veteran mappers to enjoy either, if you've ever thought about making a map for this game, now's the chance to go for it! Newbies are more than welcome! It's important to note that this is not a contest, and it's more just something to make for fun for everyone to enjoy. And because it's not a contest, if you're ever unsure how to do something or want feedback on a map or map piece, always feel free to ask anyone. Personally I'm always willing to help if someone needs it.

As always, jam is broken down into two separate phases. Phase 1 will last a couple weeks and has everyone make a small map piece (more details below). This map piece will also act as one's sign up. Once all the map pieces are in and Phase 1 is over, we enter Phase 2 where every entrant is randomly given two people's map pieces and get to make a map with it! Life is busy, so there's going to be plenty of time (a few months) for Phase 2 to happen. Like before, there's not going to be any crazy gimmick outside of having to use the map pieces. While doing the same vanilla thing every time isn't the most exciting thing in the world when I type out the topic, it just feels better when the actual mapping comes around.

Here are the guidelines for Phase 1, absolutely copy/pasted because there's not really any point on changing what works!

(click to show/hide)-Map Pieces can be no bigger than 1024x1024 units. This doesn't mean it has to be a perfect square. As long as it fits within those units.

-Keep textures simple. You aren't keeping these pieces anyway so don't go to town on aesthetics. Whoever gets your piece can do some of that!

-Pieces will be quality controlled and possibly rejected for the following reasons.

    The map piece is just a big empty square.
    Incredibly convoluted with a ton of 3D floors. (We're trying to make something that people can implement, not an entire map on its own)
    It's straight up unplayable

If you have ANY concerns about your map piece as you're making it, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you out!

-Please refrain from adding scripts, weapons, and items to your piece. Adding a full fledged gimmick to a map piece is a little crazy, and weapons and items can easily be subject to change in the final map. People are also able to add their own gimmicks and whatnot to the map pieces when creating the final map.
We'll talk about the rules for phase 2 once we get there (though they really are mostly the same!)

There is one more thing I'd like to discuss really quickly, which is the idea of splitting the jam packs starting from this one. There are 5 whole map packs in the current jam file and it's pretty huge. Bloating that file size anymore seems highly questionable so unless there are some major objections (which if you have them, I would like to hear it because if you have a good point I'm all ears) this Jam is going to mark the beginning of a new wad file.
THAT SAID, if anyone wants to edit their existing Jam Maps, please feel free and there is no restriction on doing that (and I'll be doing any bugfixes / adding extra maps I've received as well when release takes place). While the wads will likely be separated, the first pack will still be updated as needed.

As I said above, submitting a map piece is how you sign up and you won't be able to participate if you don't submit one! So the next two weeks are more or less just the sign up period.

All map pieces are to be submitted to me either by PM on Cutstuff or over Discord (you can find me at Freems#2222). Map piece submissions will close on Wednesday, November 10th at 11:59 PM EST. (a little awkward of a date but i blame my work schedule). Once we have hit the deadline and the map pieces are in, we will discuss phase 2!

That should be everything for the time being! If you have any questions whatsoever, do not be afraid to ask me! And here's to another jam!

Yoshiatom:'s been a whole year since the last mapjam? Doesn't feel like it.

Count me in for this year's, I was kind of disappointed with how my map for the last jam turned out (it ended up being pretty overscaled) so I want to have another shot. I also didn't get much done for NaNoWADMo this month due to personal issues so this should help get my Doom mapping fix in.

Once again, you can expect me to hop on in.

Excited for the turnout!

Are you guys ready for

another blatantly thieved quake map

Expect another me made map this time

BUT dont expect the last of us part 2


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