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Title: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
Post by: Mendez on August 08, 2021, 10:38:38 PM
I want maps for competitive teamplay because I think teamplay is fun and could use tailor-made maps. So, allow me to introduce the first-ever (and potentially Best-Ever) mapping competition for teamplay:
(Image graciously provided by myself)

TTT Discord:
TTT ruleset:
Please read the rules first. By signing up, you agree to all rules listed in the document.

This is basically a mapping competition where teams of 2 will make the best map possible for teamplay. Teamplay here means 2v2 vanilla TDM or 3v3 classes TLMS. The winning team will get a top prize of $100 each, while 2nd place will get $60 each and 3rd place will get $20 each. Please read the ruleset below before joining since it also contains information about how the map is supposed to be made and submitted.
TTT ruleset:

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Title: Re: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
Post by: Mendez on October 19, 2021, 12:29:16 AM
Teamplay Textures Tango V1A has been released!

I want to give a huge thanks to all 7 teams that submitted a map, I'm really happy with the amount of work and polish put into every map and think that everyone will enjoy it too. There should be a server up now where people can play vanilla TDM, I'll work on getting the classes servers up in a bit. Judges have been notified and will start working on judging the maps for both vanilla TDM and Classes TLMS, and we should expect scores to be submitted by October 31. In the meantime, please hop in and try the maps out for yourself, and don't be afraid to give your own honest feedback so that the mappers can continue to learn and grow.

TDM server name: [TSPG] MM8BDM Teamplay Textures Tango [TDM]
TDM server address:
Title: Re: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
Post by: Mendez on November 02, 2021, 09:01:20 AM
After over two months of mapping and almost two weeks of judging, the final scores for Teamplay Textures Tango are finally in! Again, I want to say that Im really happy with the maps that were submitted and enjoyed playing on them. The creativity, the themes, the distinct styles and layouts, all of it was very nice to go through. With all that said, its time to announce the winners
With 275/300 points given by the judges, the map that best represents teamplay, texturing, and tango is
TTT05 - Spectral Echo by LlamaHombre and Thunderono ! Congratulations to both mappers, I think this was a great map as always.
With 257/300 points , the silver medal of TTT goes to
TTT04 - Dagenet Dungeon by Razgriz-S  and Zeke! You two made a very fun and interesting map, so this prize is well deserved.
There are two maps that got 247/300 points, but only one map can get third prize. With a higher layout score (118 to 113), the bronze medal goes too
TTT01 - Cleaning Robot Bathwater by FTX6004 and OrangeMario! Im incredibly happy to see these two mappers getting recognition for their hard work, this was definitely a map deserving of a prize.
Once again, Id like to all TTT Mappers for submitting their maps. Id also like to thank the TTT Judges for taking the time play through these and provide excellent feedback. Im planning to release V1B of this map pack where all mappers will be given an extra month to polish their maps based on the feedback. Im proud of every mapper who had the  courage, determination, and perseverance to build the best maps they could. With V6B of MM8BDM expected to provide more modding tools, I hope that this enthusiasm for mapping continues into 2022. Until next time, this Mendez signing off for now.
Title: Re: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
Post by: Thunderono on November 02, 2021, 02:11:52 PM
Thank you to the judges, to everyone who got a map in, and to Llama for being awesome!  This was a bucket of fun to work on, and while I personally don't touch competitive scenes all that much, there were some maps here that I was dying to get some games on when I saw them submitted.  Congrats to the other winners!

I had written up some dev notes the other day that I'd like to expand on some in response to what the judges had to say.  I had originally written these in the context of the scoring sheet, but I think a more cohesive essay makes more sense:

(click to show/hide)

If any of the other mappers want some feedback on how they might be able to improve their maps, feel free to hit me up!  I had originally filled out a score sheet myself, but felt that the kind of feedback I like to give is more of an active conversation than a wall of critiques.  I like constructive criticism; if there's a problem with a map, I always want to at least have an idea on how to fix it to contribute.

Thanks again to the judges, to Mendez for hosting, to Llama for being an incredible partner and friend and to everyone else who contributed a map to this!  Hopefully, I'll be seeing some of you in Jam!
Title: Re: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
Post by: LlamaHombre on November 02, 2021, 05:43:14 PM
Thunder did a stunning job with pretty much everything he put into the map, from the general concept to the visual identity to overall direction. I'm on this map, and I'm not downplaying my own contributions to it at all, but this map would be very dramatically different without him. What Spectral Echo ended up being was something extremely special, something one perspective alone cannot get you - we both learned a lot from making this map, and we're pretty much both in agreement with our enthusiasm for MM8BDM mapping going forward.

I don't have much of novel to add from the layout-wise end of things that could be added - Thunder did a pretty good job of summing everything up - so I'm just going to talk a little bit about texturework, texture preparation, and so on. It can be a lot of fun if you devote some time to it, and it's really damn important since most people will notice odd visuals before they notice an odd layout. Some of this may be no-brainer information, but with another Jam on the way I'd like for my posts here and in CMCP ( to provide valuable information to new mappers or mappers that want to learn some intermediate tricks.

(click to show/hide)

Thank you to Mendez for hosting, thank you to the judges for the very generous scores, thank you to the other contestants for making some fun maps, and thank you Thunder for being the best!