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The Ghoul's Forest / Bitching thread
« on: May 01, 2010, 05:03:01 PM »
Long time ago, I created the bragging thread.

Now, I create this: the Bitching thread.

If you got some frustrating stuff' about GvH to bitch about, bitch here.

I'll start:

The Frostbite has became pretty darn endurable lately. It takes a whole lot of shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin', shootin' and shootin' to take it down.

Anything Goes / Happy Failentine's day!
« on: February 15, 2010, 03:19:33 PM »
I know it's a bit late, but this is my present for you, Cutty.  

I even drew a heart 4 u and if u looks really hard at the top left corner of the pic, u gun notice a lil present from the kommunist party.

In Soviet Russia, presents give you!

Seriously now, I devote this picture to the most annoying day in the year.

Anything Goes / Retarded websites
« on: February 10, 2010, 06:21:17 PM »
I'll start: - a balanced encyclopedia made to counter the supposedly liberal, anti American and anti christian bias of Wikipedia.

You might think I have included Conservapedia because I'm a leftist (you might have noticed my avatar), but check it for yourself and you'll understand.

I suggest you check these articles out: (check the example number 12, what has liberalism got to do with that?)

But this is over the top: - according to them, Obama is both an Atheist and a Muslim at the same time.  

Quote from: "Conservapedia's article on Obama"
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons observed that Obama used techniques of mind control in his campaign, as in this speech: "a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, 'I have to vote for Barack.'"

FAIL! - even if you're anti Obama, this is hilarious

The Ghoul's Forest / Are Humans underpowered in the current Beta?
« on: November 25, 2009, 03:16:08 PM »
I know the 90% of people who ever played with me think I am a whiny f**k, but please just, please read this before voting.

I thought it was just my (lack of) skill that made me think Humans are underpowered, but after playing as a Ghoul (and pawning, despite having almost no skill at Ghouls) I've decided to make this poll because I am tired of playing The Ghoul's Pawnhouse.

I'm just really sick of being cannon fodder, living for averagely 20 seconds, being outrun by Sjases who should catch you by being smarter than you, never seeing the HUMAN-WIN picture, Creepers I can't either hear or see and arrows that can't hit shit.

By the way, since of 2B5, GvH is loosing popularity and I don't want it to die.

What do I want?

First, I want people who play Ghoul and think they're not overpowered to try to play Human for a change and see how it is (and then vote on this poll). I know you have fun effortlessly pawning humans but try to understand it's only fun to you.

I would also like to see a small Beta that is using one of the options I am proposing (buffing the Humans or nerfing the Ghouls) and if people like it, then it stays, but if they don't like it, undo the changes.

Option A (buffing up the Humans):

The Marine is the closest to actaully being balanced, maybe just a little faster running (3-5% increrase would do the trick)

The Hunter has a bunch of abilities that look useful, however they only look useful.

Thunder? WTF is that? I tried it against the Doom monsters. It can barely kill a zombieman and it's slow as f**k. I propose to replace it with a weaker variation of Yurei's attack in the Yurei attack (deadly, but easy to dodge).

The ice spikes and the flame vortex are not as useless, but still not much better. I propose making the Ice spikes much more powerful, but make the effect last much shorter, but I'm not sure how to help the fire vortex without just buffing it up the old fashion way.

If you think this is quackery, why don't you try to remeber when was the last time you saw anyone getting a frag by using one of these magic attacks.

I know the fire arrow was overpowered in 2B3, but now it's underpowered. The fire arrows radius was too cheap, but removing it totally is not the solution, it's not useful anymore.

The lightning is OK, but I thing Jitter should be slighly more vulnearable to it.

Ice arrows should have a slightly larger spread and it's speed should also be slightly bigger.

The Cyborg

The dash is too non responsive (it takes 3-4 clicks to activate) and the plasma balls should be a little (5%) faster.

Option B (nerfing the Ghouls)


I've thought the hit box should be bigger, but I realised he wouldn't fit tight corridors and wents, so I think his speed should be decreased, but if it's possible his strafing and ascending and descend speed should be the same.


The Jitter is actually much more balanced as of the cooldown (I din't realise that until I played as a one), but he should have a slightly longer delay between the... how to call 'em(?)... teleports (can't think of a better word).

Creeper note that this is a must, Cutty, whether you (if you do) pick the option A or B

The Creeper is more silent in 2b5 and 2b6 than in 2b3, I don't know did Cutty intend to ever do this, but that should be reverted. (Cutty, if you think this is not true, try playing GvH 2b3 in 97D5 and the current Beta in 98A and compare the loudness of the Creeper's sound).


Note that I'm not asking for both the option A and B at the same time, because it would make the Humans overpowered.

Both of the options should balance GvH, however the Option A buffs up the Humans and makes the game more dynamic, but the option B nerfs the Ghouls and should make the general amount of firepower lower, so it would make the people more rely on tactics and make it friendlier for newbies.

Sorry for bad english.

The Ghoul's Forest / Incoming problem with the new GvH Betas
« on: October 27, 2009, 12:41:27 PM »
No, this isn't something of a technical nature.

I'm already seeing the Human team being much larger than the ghoul team.

In the beginning of GvH, many more players were interested as playing Ghouls as they were a radical change in gameplay, looks and intensity. They used to be fighting gun-to-gun in other mods, but melee-to-gun was a totally new experience for them (unlike humans, who were still a gun-class). According to an old poll, ghouls were much more popular humans.

Now, the humans keep getting new abilities, while the Ghouls are basically unchanged for a while now (so they get old).  

What am I trying to say?

The new additions to the human classes will have a terrible impact for the team balance, as people are going to be very interested in the new human abilities and will not care for balancing the teams so much.

The Marine gets the "adjustable" grenade throw, the Hunter gets 3 new magic abilities and the Cyborg gets the dash and the separated jet and plasma ammo.

Changes in the Human classes: 6
Changes in the Ghoul classes: 0

Do you see what am I trying to say?

If you do, you will probably ask: "What would you do about that?"

My answer: a) add some new abilities to the Ghouls b) Cutman tested some teambalance WAD some time ago, maybe he should work on it some more and use it.

The Ghoul's Forest / Camping with ThaMarine (a guide to Ghostbusting)
« on: October 08, 2009, 11:36:00 AM »
Who ya gonna' call?


Allright, this is my guide to the class known as the Ghostbuster. One of the underpowered classes in GvH, however, my personal favourite. As I play much as the Ghostbuster, I assume I know something about how to set up the traps and which maps not to use and use him on.

Originally, the Ghostbusters went out of bussiness, so they slightly modified their equipment in order to catch Ghouls (and it worked!). I'm not covering the Proton Pack, because it is soon about to change and there ain't too much to cover right now. - let this song play along for a better feel.

Ghostbuster and which maps to use him on

GvH01 - Forbidden Forest (small) - I don't recommend using the Ghostbuster on this map. The Proton pack is ineffective in the woods and there aren't places to tactically place the Ghost Traps. Stick to the center of the map unless a Jitterskull attacks, then run to the woods.

GvH02 - Megadeth Deathmatch - This is a good map if you are Ghostbuster (actually it's good for anyone). Place the Ghost traps on the spawn and make sure there are some on the walls for Jitters. Proton packs are just fine on this map, too.

GvH03 - Wagi Caves - One of my personal favourites when it comes to Ghostbustin', the Proton Pack works here pretty damn good. However, the places for traps here are great, they work almost everywhere. However, while camping, watch out for creepers as they can come out of any direction.

GvH04 - Claw Fist - Although this is one of my favourite maps, Ghostbuster doesn't do the best here, there's not much good places to set the traps on and the Proton Pack works moderately here. I'd choose another class on this map. However, there are some places for setting Ghost traps: The place by the "waterfall" is ok, I guess and the cave is also a good place for trap camping. If you have to, you can also set some traps behind the crates, but the creepers can come out of anywhere and Jitterskulls can always cross these crates.

The so called "crate cave".

GvH05 - Winter Haunting - On this map, the Ghostbuster is doing okay. Good places for traps are mostly inside: the passage that leads from the room with the doors to the room with 2 torches, the stairs, the room the stairs lead too and by the doors. There are some, however, in the outdoors (such as corners).

GvH06 - Arcade Souls - don't use him here, choose another class here. The corridors are high enough for the Sjases to be able to get out of the reach of your Ghost Traps, but yet not wide enough for you to be able to dodge. Choose any other human class here.

GvH07 - Dark Station - Don't use the Ghostbuster here, the Proton Pack is too inaccurate here and there's enough space for Ghouls to easily dodge the Traps. The towers are the only good places for Ghost traps as they have only 1 entrance. Also make sure you put a trap or a 2 in front of the tower.

GvH08 - Hunting Grounds - Just like the previous one, a great map, but not for the Ghostbuster (Proton Pack innaccurate, Traps ineffective).

GvH09 - Castle Ghoulenstein - This map is OK for the Ghostbuster, the Proton Pack does Ok and there are some places good for the Ghost Traps (does slightly better after Cutty has scaled down the outdoors), I'd reccomend choosing other classes though.

GvH10 - The Spire - I recommend using other classes (hunter or marine), the Proton Pack ain't too accurate here and there's no many places to put the Ghost traps on.

Endless War maps

GvH11 - Hollywood Holocaust - A great map for being a Ghostbuster. Many places to set traps on and to camp. As the indoor part is tight, the Proton pack works fine, too.

The cam room is also good for camping.

The vents are good for camping, but be careful because of Jitters.

2 or 3 traps at the door is a high chance to kill a Sjas or a Creeper.

GvH12 - Urban Decay - This map isn't good for a Ghostbuster, I suggest you take the... well, I don't suggest to play human here at all. This map is a heaven for Jitters and Sjases.

The only place you might consider camping at, be sure to trap all of the entrances.

An alternative camping place. If a Ghoul is coming by an elevator, be sure to throw some traps at it.

Note that I will add more info for each map.

Setting the traps

What makes the Ghostbuster different from other GvH classes is the fact he can set traps.

General tips:

- use the traps wisely, you only have 10 and you can't reload, but don't set only one

- try to stick with the others of you're not setting up traps

- if you're a human and see a Ghostbusters setting up traps, it's wise to go behing these traps and use them as a shield. Both you and the Ghostbuster will benefit from this

- setting the traps on/around teleporters is quite fun

- if you're surrounding yourself with traps, don't let creepers who shoot their balls at you scare you into activating your traps

How to and how not to set the traps on doorways

Don't set the traps exactly on doorways, because the Ghoul will pass right through only somewhat damaged.

This will kill the Ghoul, but it ain't worth setting 8 traps.

This is fine. You spent 5 traps, but you're now sure no Ghouls will pass through (except for a Jitterskull with a good timing or a very lucky Choke). You still have 5 traps left.

Expert camping for noobs

Some say camping is for n00bs, they may be right, but who said being an expert camper doesn't take skill?

Save your traps, but when it comes to camping it's OK to add an additional trap to the pile.

What's wrong with this picture? The traps are too close to you. A Sjas or a Creeper can easily scare you into activating traps because he's so close to you, yet he's just out of the reach of your traps so you have an urge to activate them.

This way, you have 3 traps that are close to you and 3 traps that are little farther. The advantages of setting your traps like this is that Ghouls can't stress you into activating traps because they're not close enough to scare you. However, if, for an example, a Sjas tries to get closer, just activate the traps and he's gone (you must be sure he's close enough for your traps to take him out).

As I mentioned before: If you're a human and see a Ghostbuster setting up traps like this, get behind them to use the traps as a shield and to take out other Ghouls. Both you and the Ghostbuster will benefit from this.


If you surrounded your self with traps, a Creeper who sees you will probably try to scare you by launching his balls at you (lulz @ balls). I know you will have an urge to activate the traps as soon as he starts shooting, but don't. Instead try to act like your AFK in order to lure the Creeper into your traps (this sometimes works). Anyway, just don't let the Creeper scare you into activating those traps, he's afraid of you, too.


Try to make your Traps as less obvious and more of a suprise as you can. Make the Ghouls who are getting sucked in your Ghost trap yell: WTF?!

If your buddy is standing in one place and firing at incoming Ghouls, set traps around him so even if they get to him the traps suck them in. I'm saying this because the Ghouls probably won't notice the Traps if they're marching at that Cyborg.


Cutman, sticky please.

Anything Goes / Funny pictures thread
« on: September 29, 2009, 02:17:49 PM »
Yes, I had to do it. However I won't post those everyone saw, but something less popular.

Anything Goes / I hate...
« on: September 19, 2009, 06:31:20 PM »
List all the things you hate... no commenting, please.

World of Warcraft
American Republican Party
British National Party
Jitterskulls (when I'm fighting against them)
George W. Bush
Rich assholes who can't appreciate what they have
TV commercials
Fred (a youtube channel)
Fox News Network
Christian fundamentalism
Islamic extremism

I can't think of anything else right now.

Your turn, happy hatin'.

1st update:

Hannah Montana
Britney Spears

2nd update:

High School Musical
China (not the nation, but their government, New World Order under China wouldn't be nice)
Capital punishment

The Ghoul's Forest / Bragging Thread (GVH related)
« on: September 02, 2009, 05:23:21 PM »
If you pawned someone at GvH you can chat about it here.

I just came back from a 5 Humans vs 8 Ghouls match. I was a Hunter (I suck as a Hunter), all my allies were dead, all ghouls were alive (2 of them were Jitters), my ping was high, I had 32 HP and it was 4:4.

Imagine this: I won!

Now you.


The Ghoul's Forest / Yurei battle servers
« on: September 02, 2009, 09:34:04 AM »
Where? I can't find anything. :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(

Anything Goes / Music!
« on: August 15, 2009, 09:16:16 AM »
This is the thread where you post what are you currently listen to, what you were listening in the past and what you'll listen forever. Lol

I currently listen to:

Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix
ZZ Top
Radix: Beyond the Void OST (it's really awesome, better than Doom music) - Download  here (don't worry, it's free) NOTE - you need Winamp to play it

I used to listen to:
Doom music (I still love it, but I don't listen to it that much anymore.

Your turn.


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