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It's been quite a while since someone posted anything in this thread, but I wanted to place some mapping advice in here. Just to not make a new thread for it.

[2:37:35 PM] Knux: Just draw and keep at it, and if at a certain point it feels like it's too big or something, edit it.

[2:37:54 PM] Knux: Just strive to your original goal as much as possible.

[2:38:08 PM] Knux: If it really doesn't work in the end, then that's the right time to try something else.

[2:38:50 PM] Knux: Most of my maps, I've felt like scrapping before half the layout was done because I thought they wouldn't amount to something. But the FTM compo reaffirmed something valuable. Mapping is all about problem solving.

[2:39:19 PM] Knux: In the case of my Stone Man map, that was going to be scrapped at three areas done.

[2:39:36 PM] Knux: But what I did was get away from the computer and do something entirely different.

[2:39:45 PM] Knux: Later, when I came back, whoop. So. Many. Ideas.

[2:40:27 PM | Edited 2:40:43 PM] Knux: But the trick when being stumped is to completely forget you got stumped and clear your mind by simply doing other stuff. Frustration is creativity's enemy.

And remember, when mapping, what you intend to make is the problem you need to solve in itself.

Can i request a class maker tutorial?

I'd like to request a SBARINFO tutorial, myself.
I remember coming across a nice horizontal bar made by Lego, so I'd like to try making my own,
based on the MM8 hud style (smooth bars).

I have the graphics on hand, but I'm not sure what to do with them (although I've been trying to fiddle with Lego's HUD in SLADE, I hope he doesn't mind).

My idea is making a MM8 HUD with 3 gauges on a horizontal orientation, so it can be used with class mods that need two gauges for weapons.

Hello everybody !

I am French, so it's difficult to explain me. I like so much MM8BDM, thank you very much for creators of this game !

But I have problemes to play online with somes servors...
For exemple, this night there are 3 servors with true players (not BOT), but I can't join this games... when I click on "join" this message appear:

"Doomseeker - files are missing [......] Do you want Wadseeker to find the missing WADs? "
When I click on YES, it's appear "Wadseeker will not work correcly [.....] please review your config or refer to online [...]"

I am so sorry, I am lost ! Can you help me please ?

Do you have Wadseeker set up to grab wads from ?
This may be your problem.


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