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I am currently looking at this guide ( ... 43&t=15797) on how to set up a server. What modifications to this do I have to make to get it to work with MM8BDM? Will the server be on the skull tag server list?

If I can get this working with this program then I could possibly convince my clan to host a server instead of me doing it from my basement.

You will need to add the MM8BDM-SGC pk3 to the PWAD list. Problem is you can't select any old IWAD, so type this in custom params:

iwad megagame.wad

See if that works, I'm not sure if it does.

I wasn't able to do it with ssb, but I think I got it down with Internet Doom Explorer.

I had to type in iwad and maplist by hand since they weren't popping automaticlly up. The only errors I am seeing are missling files like banlists.txt whitelist.txt and adminlist.txt. Here is some screenshots of my configs. ... config.jpg ... aplist.jpg

It does show up in the server list.
I just started this up and I am waiting for somebody to connect.

I think in the context of What I want to do It can just make a batch file and then throw away ide.


I think for the server I can just use ide to create batchfile/config files. This will definatly work for my clan.

Also for some reason IDE does not let me do a config that would have the server save a log file. Is there a line I can add in the config that will allow me to do that?

I just added these lines to my config for logging everyting in text files should I make any changes.

--- Quote ---sv_logfilenametimestamp true
sv_logfiletimestamp true
sv_logfiletimestamp_usedate false
sv_markchatlines 1
sv_logfile_append false

sv_timestamp true
sv_timestampformat 1
logfile "E:MM8BDM-SGC8ServersidemmcnfgtestLog"
--- End quote ---


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