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Do not edit the MM8BDM pk3 file

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I did that...but with the MAP TEST01 command I couldnt test my map as the console told me it doesnt exist :(

You need to tell skulltag to include the wad. The only way to do it via the launcher at the minute is through the connect screen. Connect to localhost but put "-file wadfilename.wad" in the extra command line params field and launch. You'll fail to connect but from the console you should be able to warp to that map.

Cant get it to work...
Is this behaviour normal:

I try to start my map and it tells me "unknown texture SKY01" ...but I dont even use this texture room is rly small and I would know if I used such a texture.

What about bots?

People still doing it. I just spotted a server with mmctf04 as a map, without any PWADS
You need to make an announcement on how to host with PWADS


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