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Anyone here have/play blazblue?

I've been tempted to pick it up but I only really get into fighters if my friends all have them too so we can play together or online or whatever. It hasn't appealed to them (as much) so nope not yet.

aww, Blazblue is such a good game though. I was a bit hesitant at first to get it, but I found it to be a superior 2d fighter than street fighter.

Oh, my PSN is blueiscootloo is anyone has the game.

Yeah, I've played it. Though I have an Xbox, and I'm not planning to subscribe anytime soon. I also need to get Continuum Shift. I hear Valkenhayn's already out in the PSN, how is he, Blue?

Yeah, Valk is out on psn. I dislike fighting him though. I use Iron Tager.

A view of my Tager.


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