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Author Topic: Ehibika's 2018 objectives  (Read 3290 times)

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January 01, 2018, 11:44:59 AM
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Ehibika's 2018 objectives
« on: January 01, 2018, 11:44:59 AM »
Wasnít sure what would be an appropriate place to put this, so I figured this would be a safe spot.

Anyways, so itís the dawn of a new year, 2018. An excellent time to set out new year resolutions and yearly objectives. And as a modder, I have quite several objectives I want to achieve over this year. With a lot of new projects I want to take on as well as older projects I want to try and revive. So here on this thread Iíd like to discuss just what king of mods Iím gunning for this year of 2018, will I be able to do all of it? probably not alone at least. But moving onwardÖ


A Utility mod Iíve been recently working on to pave the way for other alternative game modes within regular deathmatch maps, both core and custom. Hotspots is a database mod that contains useful coordinates for spawning actors in, and placing special markers called ďhotspotsĒ on those areas. Each map has a center point/focal point hotspot, a red/blue team hotspot located near the team spawns on a map, and 5 hotspots located at various key interests across the map.

The hotspots are plotted manually, and so it takes time to get them all down. But my hopes are that they will help lead the way to some newer game modes on regular deathmatch maps that depend on spawning specific objects on the map.

Open Battlefield

A mod being made alongside hotspots to showcase what it can be useful for. This chaotic hybrid game mode that employs elements of king of the kill, screw scramble, and the old operation battlefield mod in one big conquest for points. Players are divided into teams and tasked with reaching a point goal by grabbing point orbs, fragging foes for screws to deliver to auto/reggae, and keeping the central control point in your teamís favor. With powerups and upgrades available, this game mode can offer a chaotic, casual experience.

Rockman World Tour

A mapping endeavor started off by me and Clause months ago (which currently only amounted to 2 complete maps so far) with the aim of being a full pack of payload maps each using the map resources, design structure, and gimmicks of each core map. The aim of course was to give the Evil Escort game mode a chance to operate in a map more optimized for it. as so far it has had to settle with repurposed CTF maps.

The mod that took me from being a nobody to beingÖa bit more known I suppose. Gunslingers was a cowboy themed duel mod made in response to issues Iíve heard about with duel in other class mods and vanilla. Where players spend more time running away to heal and get items then fight, or in CBM, try to use certain classes to cheese their opponent. Gunslingers was meant to strip all that off and leave you with just a revolver, wallhacks to find your opponent immediately. And the need for some good aim.

It was quite a hit for the time, and while it didnít last too long as a duel mod (as people quickly got sick of getting facerolled by blews), it was well enjoyed in the communities favorite LMS game mode.
The mod as seen some neglect, and at one point changes that I think werenít for the best. Iíd like to refurbish this mod, bring back and tune what made it fun while seeing what can be done to emphasize aiming skill and movement skill.

The Neumodian project

Perhaps the class mod Iím most known for by now. The neumodian project is a teamplay oriented mod thatís main draw is the ability to create your own loadout of 2 weapons and a shared altfire. Effectively creating the class and role you aim to fill on the team. Taking place in organized combat games sponsored by the intergalactic arms and gadget facility that the mod is named after. Players have a collection of weapons and tools from practical to unorthodox at their disposal. Allowing them to adapt to any situation and to any map structure.

Iíve done plenty of tweaks and closed tests but havenít really ran the mod in public too often. With the amount of time and work put into it, Iíd like to change that this year.

Project Onslaught (Name Pending)

A bit of a foray into PvE gameplay for a change, this would be a MvM inspired invasion mod tasking players with surviving and defending a destructible entity from hordes of various user created monsters through many waves. Players would have 3 classes to choose from, the fighter, the defender, and the medic. Each with their own weapon proficiencies and innate perks.

A more ambitious project and one I may not fully do alone. I have managed to get enemies to follow a path and attack a battery on a prototype map. So, the groundwork is there at least. But I also wanted to open the door to original mob creations from other people. Be they mundane, lethal, or meme-filled.

Custom DuelBot (Name Pending)
A truly fascinating idea brought up by Zard. This would be a mod heavily inspired by the custom robo series, a collection of games where you set up small combat robots with a loadout of guns, bomb, pods, and legs that each shape the nature of your abilities and how you go about combat.

Specifically, my rough idea would be a duel mod where players could make a setup consisting of a straight shooting mainfire. A bomb altfire with various movement patterns, and an itemfire missile pod for AOE attacks to control space. The idea at large is still in the rough, planning stages but it just seems like such a fantastic idea on paper.

Team Kirby Clash (name pending)

Another more recent endeavor done through inspiration from Kirby Battle Royale. TKC was a Kirby themed class mod consisting of classes based on a selection of copy abilities, but beyond that had movement staples of the Kirby series present on all classes, being able to double tap forward to sprint. Crouch to enter an immobile guard state, and to float by pressing the jump key multiple times. And like with Kirby superstar and Kirby games of recent years. You could perform varying attacks based on your movement state.

Due to the need for a lot of visual content, the mod currently hasnít gone too far. With only 4 copy classes in it (bomb, beam, archer, and sword) but Iím looking to revisit it this year as well. The mod would mainly be balanced for 1 flag CTF and control point games.

And along the way, Iíd also like to try and both maintain and host some of my older game modes more frequently, such as ATF, Operation Takedown, Pointlock, and bankheist just to name a few. Class compatibility has been my primary concern with these mods as CBM doesnít mix well with anything not TLMS. But I have the neumodian project. And weíve been seeing some newer mods crop up as well.

So yes, a busy year for me. As mentioned before I likely wonít get all of these down by myself, but Iíd like to at least get my plans out there so that I can stay on track.