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[RESOURCE] Trill Skin Assembler for MM8BDM


So I think it's pretty easy to say that going from sprite sheet to skin file can be tedious and annoying. It requires you to remember the rotational numbers while manually renaming each file. I wanted to change that, so here we are.

This resource works best if you've already got a general idea of how the skin creation process works and you may want to have SLADE 3 for adjusting the automatic offsets, so be sure to check out the original skin tutorial found here,

Trill Skin Assembler

Trill Skin Assembler is a GUI-based program to allow people to create skins for Zandronum-based projects, mainly focused for Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch. It requires far less knowledge of how programming for skins works and allows even new users to go from just a sprite sheet into a fully functioning skin.

The program has support for many extra features of skin-making, such as 8 rotations, implementing a set of crouching sprites, implementing mugshots for addons that display the mugshot as part of the UI, and implementing multiple sounds for each category.

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--- Quote ---Base Blues skin assets created by IamaMedalHunter.

Basic Usage Notes by Pegg:
- Any option or field prefixed with an asterixis (*) is mandatory and must be filled out.
- The author is you!
- The skin display name is how it'll show up in game in menus.
- The sprite name is the four-character filename of the sprite.
- Try not to name it something that might conflict with other in-game graphics.
- The crouching sprite name is the same thing, but used if you want to have a crouching sprite for your skin.
- The class is for whatever class you want it to be for. If you're just making a skin for the base game, keep it as Megaman.
- Sounds are self explanatory, upload sounds if you want to change them.
- The mugshot sprite name is also optional, it's only for modes that use such a thing.
- To add your sprites to the file, upload your sprite sheet using the "Open Spritesheet" button.
- Works best with sprite sheets that do not have guiding boxes and have fair empty space between sprites.
- Use the sliders and lettered buttons in the main window to change through all the frames of the skin.
- Clicking on a sprite in the sprite sheet window will overwrite the currently selected frame.
- When done replacing all frames, hit the "Process Skin" button in the bottom left.

For any troubles or inquiries, find my contact info at

--- End quote ---

Note that the installer download may be false-flagged as malware. An archive download is provided for that situation. Simply download the archive download, and extract the folder within it.

Download Here

i needed this

Fascinating! This was my least favorite part about skinning by far to the point where it outweighed any fun of actually spriting. I'll look into it next time I can.

So, I basically overhauled the old Skin Generator into an entirely new program to make it much closer to feature complete. Make sure to check out the main post for the new Trill Skin Assembler or you can view all the details about it on its own dedicated page below.

Trill Skin Assembler

I updated Trill Skin Assembler to v1.1 to optimize a few bits of code around the "Process Skin" button. It no longer requires an installation of Java, and the skin compilation process is a bit quicker and smoother now. Also, the README is now updated with basic usage notes courtesy of Pegg.

Download Here


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