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Welcome to Skype!

Skype is an online program that can do loads of tasks that may end up helping you out, especially if you plan on getting yourself involved in the community. Skype is not a mandatory thing for Cutstuff, nor will it hinder your ability to do anything, but it will get you more in touch with many people in the community, including several of the moderators and plenty of other people.

It is free, and you'll only need to pay if you plan on calling people's phone lines with it. I've had Skype for three years now and I've never had to pay a single dollar for it.

Several features of Skype include:
-Instant Messaging to people and groups of any nationality about a wide variety of subjects (and by that I mean anything and everything)
-File sharing with groups, people, etc. (Can be of any file type, making it compatible with things like PK3s, WADs, and FTMs)
-Voice and/or Video Calls with people of the community as well as any other friends you might have

Interested? Nifty! Put your Skype name in the thread and you'll be able to talk to many others throughout the community. You'll just need to send someone a contact request first!


Just got it like a minute ago after it came up.

My Skype name is Shaos-X. Feel free to add.


Additional Note: If you want added to our "Family", YOU have to request US.
That's why we included names.


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