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In Game Name: _______
Favorite game mode: ______
Favorite weapon:_______
prefered skin;_______
Favorite stage:_______
Favorite class:________
Greatest Rival:________
anything else?:________

EDIT: I now randomly decided to add class

In Game Name: Ice, Reggae, Abra, Pokemon Ice/abra, Ice/Sparky
Favorite game mode: Invasion, racing, Soccer, and ctf
Favorite weapon: Bombs (hyper bombs, napalm bombs, drill bombs), I'm also handy with boomerangs too
Favorite stage: Christmas cape
favirite class: skullman, geminiman, or starman
prefered skin; Abra, or Reggae
Greatest Rival: DarkAura (not to mention one of the only people I actually like in the community)
Reputation: Ice fell too far, bomb expert, hide in plain sight guy, Rage guy
anything else?: I'm also head of the battle&chase, original stage mode, and variouse other projects, as well as help in the class mode spriting and codeing for Megaman & Basss.

Favorite game mode: Roboenza, Saxton Hale, Casual stuff. In rare cases, Vanilla Duel for fun.
Favorite weapon: Slash Claw, but depends on the situation
Prefered skin: Holographic Protoman
Favorite stage: MM2DW1, MM6MRX
Favorite class: Depends on the mod. CSCC: My own class; YD: None so far; Yamato: Knightman; CBC: Megaman
Greatest Rival: Hm... None?
Reputation: Depends a lot on the subject
Anything else?: I'm a CDC: Curious Decorate Coder.

In Game Name: Everything ever. Or just Korby
Favorite game mode: One Flag CTF, Team LMS.
Favorite weapon: I like most of them, but my favorite is probably Triple Blade Pharaoh Shot.
Favorite stage: Either Mr. X or Victory Island(TOTALLY COUNTS.)
Greatest Rival: Mango Uhh. Whoever has most recently pissed me off, I guess.
Reputation: Best plumber in town.
anything else?: Self Proclaimed Dev

Mr. X:
In Game Name: I have many names
Favorite game mode: Roboenza, One Flag CTF (if good people are playing)
Favorite weapon:  Rolling Cutter (any weapon where I can trick shot around the corner, really)
Favorite stage:  MM6KNI
Greatest Rival:  Mr. X (That little SoB always seems to trip me up)
Reputation:  Everybody loves me!  (Seriously though, isn't this up to everybody else to decide?)
anything else?:  I made Yamato Man's stage, MMCTF05 (and the music as well), and a whole slew of custom stages most notably Blade Man, Sunset Canyon, and Christmas Cape, but others as well.


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