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305 Man:
Hey guys, i was suprised by the fact that anybody know about the Creepypasta, some strange story about ghist, haunted videogame, demons, and also the Famous HEROBRINE theory, the Notch's bro. I cant really give u a link because of two reason : First, they are posted in some different blogspot : I saw last a blog called Creepy + pasta, a other one called Creepypasta, etc, etc... Or maybe there is a official blogspot with all the creepypastas in it. Two, im on my mothah's phone (Please ignore this, troll) and i cant copy-paste the link. BUT i will post it when i will get my computer back. You can google it, too. And i'm not responsible of the fact that you can't sleep tonight after seeing the Herobrine's creepypasta. All i can say is that he can't do a portal to your house because he is too tired for making ostidian. Have fun !

I play minecrat, read herobrine.. IM SCARED FOR LIFE

Meh. I've never really seen much out of creepypasta, but it brought two things of notice.

Ben / jadusable /: ... wtopic=494
The origin of "You shouldn't have done that..."

A creepypasta-esque tale about someone getting a haunted Majora's Mask cartridge. The long walls of text are optional, just use that page to see the order of the videos.

If you've already seen them, check out this. (or if you want to get an idea of what to expect)
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You shouldn't have done that...
The other of which is Pokemon Black. (or "Creepy Black", to differentiate it from the DS game which came later)
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Shade Guy:
Watched the Pokemon Black video...It was well done. The one thing that interests me about Creepypasta-esque things is their ability to scare readers merely with words and seldom images. I admit I was a bit hesitant to watch the end of the video.

The rest of this post will be in spoilers due to me spoiling the Pokemon Black video.
(click to show/hide)What's more interesting is that if someone was talking to you about these videos and summed it up to you, it wouldn't seem that scary. If someone told me about the video and that 'oh, it's about some guy who gets some pirated version of Pokemon Red except you start off with a Ghost in your party which can only use Curse but it seems to kill the people/pokemon you use it on, and at the end it goes back to show you all the people and pokemon you killed with it and oh surprise surprise text appears on the screen saying 'Ghost curses you yopyop' at the end', I wouldn't find that particularily scary. But now I've probably drifted off and started talking about the art of speech being able to persuade someone too much.

Read the whole Ben post, saw the videos, read the RTF... all I gotta say is, don't buy shady games from shady old people. >_>


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