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Tumblr, anyone?

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So, How many of you have tumblr blogs, Cutstuff?

If you have one, post the link here. If you don't, why not consider making one? It's fun just to take a few minutes and see all sorts of new stuff involving things you've followed. May it be video games, music, or practically any hobby or interest, you're sure to find it on Tumblr.

Now, to stop myself from sounding like a walking advertisement, here's mine. Nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done:

Heck yea, tumblr is amazing

Here's my really short-live tumblr

Blaze Yeager:

Here...don't expect much from me :v, I ain't that good.

Mr. X:
I've been thinking about getting one, but given how often I updated my blogspot blog (, I might not.


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