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Chiptune / 8-bit music!


So you like chiptune, eh? Post any chiptune/8-bit artists you like here. I'll start with some of mine.

umio: Prolific breakcore/drill'n'bass producer. Lots of free downloads, creative stuff across the board.

Blasterhead: Chiptune composer featured in various soundtracks and on other trance labels, he has some chiptune classics. What's noteworthy is some of his later tracks, like the one here, have a unique introspective feel to them.
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Bizen: On his own he does 8-bit arranges of various games, such as Ocarina of Time, which I like for having a rather 'authentic' feel to them. In his circle he releases lounge / chillout music which is also worth checking out.
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YZYX: Some Chilean guy.

No, really. <_<
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Well, that's a good place to start. You don't have to post all that information; just post songs if you like.


You should search up Anamanaguchi. (Maybe something like "My Skateboard will go on")

You just bumped a 2 year old topic and barely even contributed.

That did help me though, as I've been looking for chiptune music for my MM8BDM projects and this list of artists is really helpful.


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