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Hey, I just found this website, prizes code. So, I just had to post about it. It's pretty much just something generous that the creators made. If people go to a link to your referral you get one point, with points you can get redeemable cards for Steam, Game Stop, and other cool stuff like that. Also, you don't need to make an account, you just get an ID and a security code automatically, you need to put both of those down somewhere so you don't forget! So what this topic is for is just posting your referral links and we can help each other out with this thing. It's pretty much awesome. So, let's get started with this 100% pointless topic

Here's my link:

Btw, if you set up any public accounts somehow (ones everyone can use) please post it, it would help :D

I have a link now!

I'm amused to how many points this ends up gaining. Guess I will wait and see.

you have to get an insane amount of referrals for one thing... but here ya go :D

This seems pretty cool

oh man this is pretty phucking cool


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