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The Best Of Flash: "Hey...Neil..."


The Best Of Flash, for all intents and purposes, is for comedic purposes. I apologize if any of the content here is offensive to you.
I have made sure that none of these movies get an adult-only rating.
Thank you, and enjoy.


Do Stuff

Volume 1
(click to show/hide)Click on a title to view the animation.

Animator VS Animation I
We start things off...with a joke about Flash 8. Kinda ironic if you ask me.

Lumpy spins the merry-go-round too hard. Hilarity ensues.

Pencilmation II: The Pen Is Mightier
King Pencilmate has some competition.

Luigi's Mansion Has Multiplayer
It's time to hit the HEY.

Vans are dangerous.

Who knew tree houses were combustible?

There She Is!! I
A cat and a bunny are in love, but others won't allow it.

Russian Roulette
Being mocked, or death? That's a hard decision.

Mario's Castle Calamity
Mario wants the castle to be gone. Too bad the castle thinks otherwise.

Happy Tree Friends III
Splendid's name is a lie. Much like the cake.

And finally...

Kirby's Dreamland
Kirby has a weird adventure in Green Greens.
Volume 2
(click to show/hide)Fun Fact: The list of animations was different, but were tweaked to avoid possible violation of the "No Porn" rule. The biggest offender was $00pah Nin10doh's infamous Pokemon Snap skits.

Animator VS Animation II
Probably the most recognized AvA. The Chosen One got a huge following.

Happy Tree Friends IV
Could've been worse. Dig Dug could have inflated the tongue.

The Demented Cartoon Movie (WARNING: IS 30 MIN. LONG)
Remember this from your childhood?

Icon's Story
Another Windows joke? I'm amused.

Michael Quest
He decided to just beat the game.

Happy Tree Friends V
A little ball causes a lot of trouble.

Sheepie's Odyssey
Sheep Man would be proud.

The End Of The World
What's going on, eh?

When Quickman Attacks
Good thing it wasn't the Yellow Devil.

Happy Tree Friends VI
Cuddles can't read.

Ash Finds A Pinsir
Never leave home without a Pokemon.

And finally...

There She Is!! II
Let's end this on a positive note, shall we?
Volume 3
(click to show/hide)Animator VS Animation III
Treat others how you want them to treat you.

Happy Tree Friends VII
Nutty needs mental help now.

Pong Argument
All's fair in love and pong.

Alfred's Epic Fugu Crisis
Alfred VS Ronald Regan, place your bets!

Xiao Xiao III
Yep, this is the Xiao. You might've seen this before on Youtube.

Happy Tree Friends Kart VIII
Mario's filing a lawsuit.

Za Warudo.

The Ultimate Showdown
I wonder what this would be like if it were remade.

Michael Fantasy
Michael's back for round 2.

Happy Tree Friends IX
Trying to pitch while blind is like trying to play Marco Polo while deaf. It won't work.

Pencilmation IV: Amore Than Enough
The pencil makes lives miserable. Again.

And finally...

Swim swim hungry indeed.
Volume 4
(click to show/hide)A Midnight Snack
Toaster confirmed for Kirby Air Ride 2.

Happy Tree Friends X
It isn't disco that's dead. It's people that are around disco that are dead.

SSB: Murder V
Mario's a dick.

Brawl Taunts
No thanks, I'm married.

Sprite TV
Pins VS Tank. The pins win.

Happy Tree Friends XI
Indiana Jones is facepalming somewhere.

SSB: Murder X
Mario's still a dick.

There She Is!! III
Don't forget them...

Don't Touch The Hamsters
They bite hard.

Happy Tree Friends XII
Pop is so cheap, he can't even pay attention.

Natraps X
The 24th Loop rumor was right all along.

Parody Parody Parody
Those darn Youtube puritans.

And finally...

SSB: Pichu
Pikachu then made the choice to steal his goggles.
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