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Pokemon BLACK for gameboy

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Whether this is old or not, it's worth talking about. Basically a long story about a hacked Pokemon game that appeared on 4chan which is one of the spookiest VG hacks you'll ever hear about. Enough to give anyone the oogie boogies! ... kemon-hack

Is it real or not? If no, someone needs to make it ASAP.

Edit: Listen to this song while reading for an enhanced experience

Cool new forum

I doubt it even exists...
I've tried hacking games before and that level of detail would be unobtainable in a cartridge, especially an original Game Boy one.

I don't think I made sense.

The Game Boy cartridge couldn't hold that much, but a rom could (which is why I said unobtainable in a cartridge)

I know what you mean. I think it gets unrealistic when you read about it showing all the pokemon and trailers you cursed. There's no way it could store all that data, along with all the other data that needs to be stored.

It's a good theory, though.

Definatly possible for a ROM.
I would totally play it if that happened.

it probably is fake but even then, it's so damn creepy i want to believe it.
those ghosts have suddenly become more scary, as a kid i was terrified by them


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