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Three Russian Bogaturs: MYSTERY GUEST REVEALED!


A group of Russian producers went and made videos that affectionately parody pop culture and the 3 Russian Bogaturs.

Nuff said.

Season 1: 2013 Episodes
(click to show/hide)Episode I: 300 Spartans: The Bogaturs must deal with a needy Spartan.

Episode II: Godzilla: Godzilla's faced lots of weird opponents for years, but this is getting ridiculous. (The first episode to have cameos from other pop culture.)

Episode III: Red Hood: Wolf tries to get smarter.

Episode IV: Titanic: Icebergs are evil.

Episode V: Dart(h) Vader: The Empire strikes Earth.

Episode VI: Super Mario: This was actually the first Bogatur episode I watched.


1. We are reptiles with human-like qualities. We've had at least one video game with a hard segment.

2. I am one of many debris that flies around in space. We make up one of the Solar System's belts.


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