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Some Mega Man remixed musics


Hello! I found some MM musics on YouTube.

Here are the links of best musics:

MM1: Dr.Wily's Fortress 1:

MM2: Wood Man:

MM3: Spark Man:

MM4: Dr.Cossack's Citadel 1:

MM5: Stone Man:

MM6: Get A Weapon (don't worry for the dancing Mega Man, he has just take drugs):

MM7: Junk Man (V2):

MM8: Grenade Man:

MM9: Special Stage (Fake Man):

MM10: Special Stage 1 (Enker):

MM&B: Burner Man:

In the descriptions, there are dowloads for dowloading the album (or a pseudo-album).

Have fun!!

There are some good remixes Renegade made, I like some of them

If you want you can download Genesis Tunes by Rozark. It replaces the core music of MM8BDM by these I present to you.


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