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He's BACK. ... -in-action

With the big boy back in action, do you still care for Duke Nukem? I know I sure do. The internet seems to be split in half between whiners who expect it be worthy of 13 years of development (it won't be) and will criticize the fuck out of it if it's not, and people who are so excited and happy to see their childhood badass actually return in a brand new game.

I'm psyched to be honest, it looks pretty fun and that cycloid emperor battle made me squee. If only they'd get the damn trailer up, apparently its JAWSOME

My past self is an idiot

I thought the Duke was awesome!
Id love to see the game get finished... though i dont really have alot of faith left in any developers working on it.

Blaze Yeager:
When i was Reading this Duke's Voice Said to me
"Hey Kid i hope ya got Balls of Steel to play this game....Good Luck"

Well I only played the first 3 and a bit of Zero Hour.
But to this day I continue to play mods on EDuke 32 :D and yeah I played it when I was little too (as with all the other fps games).


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