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What are your two superpowers?

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Click here twice, post your results.

Superpower / Power Listing Wiki is home to a massive amount of super powers and examples from various things.
It's not fun as TVTropes, but here's a little fun game; click that link up there twice and posts your results. Feel free to redo a part of the random link gives you a list instead of a proper example.

Here's mine:
Transmutation - The power to alter the forms/structure of beings/objects.
Micro-Oxygen Breath - The users of this power can breathe micro oxygen energy that can destroy organic matter, and even vaporize metallic minerals.

Laggy Blazko:
- Hatred Embodiment: So apparently I can turn into Myroc.
- Acceleration Resistance: Is that like the ability to not get dizzy on a bus?

Sir Lemon:
Isolation and Peak Human Durability.

So, the best possible toughness for a human being alongside the ability to will myself in and out of existence.



Nigh Omnipresence - This power is similar to Omnipresence, except that users are bound within a certain domain, such as time, space, or nothingness.
Peak Human Sensory System - The user's natural five senses are pushed at the highest limits of human perfection; meaning that their sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste are enhanced. An individual with this ability are capable of seeing further, acutely touching ink on a page, hear small sounds, have a smell capability similar to an animal and tasting accurately than normal members of their species.

Sounds like they go well together. Cool!

Somatosensory Imprint and Gas Manipulator... I'm an overpowered Holocaust...


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