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DoomMan's Youtube channel!


I just want you to know that now i have a youtube channel O_O/.For now,im gonna upload megaman unlimited perfect runs,doom and mm8bdm moments of me online.Im most likely gonna upload on thursday and friday,unless i like have important school stuff(im 8th grade btw),so if you could check it out that would be great.

Also my username is "DoomMan"but it would be easier to find me by searching:"MM8BDM Online #" or "Megaman Unlimited perfect runs(:Tankman)".

Kind of weird to say this after such a long time,especially since you might not care,but whatever.

Of course,a lot of things changed:First off,I cannot have a schedule for the life of me,so I upload videos kind of randomly.Second off,in most videos I use annotations,so be sure to have them on if you want to hear my word,and a small thing,whenever needed I cut the video so you do not have to see something over and over,and if it is like a playthrough of a fan game or something I try my best to show what matters,show it only once and actually show all the times where I fail.Hope you enjoy.


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