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The short answer is: yes, but it will work like the base game, where only Maestro changes colors.

The long answer is: due to the myriad mod-centric changes that came with v6b, Hudball is going to fundamentally change. While not among the foremost or most drastic changes, mugshots are affected as well. Going forward, we (myself and a prolific member of the community who offered his expertise) can either support static, skin-based mugshots (and color-changing Maestro), or a single color-changing mugshot designated by the player, but not both. Being that the dev team went to such lengths to incorporate the former into the base game, that's what we ultimately decided to go with.

I may or may not go into greater detail at a later juncture. There's no ETA on the new version yet because the burnout is real.

MM8BDM Discussion / Share Your Team Color Presets!
« on: March 13, 2023, 04:03:24 PM »
MM8BDM v6b added a nifty little feature: for team-based modes, you can pick and choose colors for each individual team! This is an incredible feature not just for troglodytes like my good self, who put the 8BDM palette in their coffee every morning, but also for those with visual impairments like color blindness. This is a trend you can observe in many modern games, and it thrills me to see MM8BDM follow suit.

How Do I Do The Thing?

You can find this feature under two different menus: Multiplayer > Customize Team Colors, and Settings > Accessibility Settings > Customize Team Colors. From there, you can select a color you want to alter, and either pick a color directly from the palette, or adjust the RGB sliders and let the game find the nearest neighbor. When you have a configuration you like, make sure to hit "apply changes" if you're in the middle of the match, and you'll see your custom colors appear right away! You're also free to save your configuration as a preset, and load it again at any point.

There are five preset slots for you to use, and MM8BDM has these pre-configured. Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia all account for different types of color blindness, Veteran brings back the classic MM8BDM team colors from the days prior to version 5, and Extraterrestrial is a novelty color scheme that invokes the colors of the game's various alien robots. You can freely rename or overwrite these presets at your discretion, and you may revert them all to these pre-configurations at any time.

However, because these presets are stored in your config file, you can also modify the file directly to import others' shared presets--hence the thread!

Where Do They Go?

Look for this block of cvars in your config file (Zandronum-username.ini), and you can easily take it from there:
Code: [Select]
mm8bdm_colorpreset_5=00 F8 FC|FF FF FF|44 28 BC|E0 00 58|00 70 E8|00 A8 44|4B 4B 4B|EC B8 44|00 F8 FC|FF FF FF|44 28 BC|E0 00 58|
mm8bdm_colorpreset_4=00 78 FC|00 F8 FC|D8 28 00|FF BF 9B|E4 5C 10|F8 B8 00|80 00 F0|D0 C8 F8|00 78 FC|00 F8 FC|D8 28 00|FF BF 9B|
mm8bdm_colorpreset_3=00 90 00|a4 e8 fc|e0 00 58|ff 60 b0|50 30 00|88 70 00|70 70 70|ab ab ab|00 90 00|00 f8 fc|e0 00 58|ff 60 b0|
mm8bdm_colorpreset_2=00 00 a8|00 70 e8|f8 b8 00|d8 f8 78|38 b8 f8|a4 e8 fc|00 40 58|00 88 94|00 00 a7|00 6f e7|f7 b7 00|d7 f7 78|
mm8bdm_colorpreset_1=00 70 e8|38 b8 f8|48 a8 10|b8 f8 18|3f 47 2b|db 7b 7b|00 80 88|00 f8 fc|00 70 e8|38 b8 f8|48 a8 10|b8 f8 18|

And, of course, I have plenty to share:

This is a novelty sort of color scheme using the colors of series heroes.
The team-based colors setting uses the colors of Mega Man, Proto Man, Duo, and Bass (in that order).
The allies and enemies setting uses the colors of Mega Man and Proto Man, respectively.
Code: [Select]
00 78 fc|00 f8 fc|d8 28 00|bf bf bf|00 40 58|e4 5c 10|70 70 70|f8 98 38|00 78 fc|00 f8 fc|d8 28 00|bf bf bf|
(click to show/hide)

Another novelty color scheme, but one that employs the colors of nefarious rival robots.
The team-based colors setting uses the colors of Enker, Punk, Quint, and Ballade (in that order).
The allies and enemies setting uses the colors of Enker and Punk, respectively.
Code: [Select]
40 40 ff|f8 b8 00|d8 28 00|ff ff ff|00 78 00|d8 f8 78|80 00 f0|e8 d0 20|40 40 ff|f8 b8 00|d8 28 00|ff ff ff|
(click to show/hide)

This color scheme hearkens to the various elemental style changes of the Mega Man Battle Network series.
The team-based colors setting uses colors reminiscent of Aqua, Heat, Wood, and Elec styles (in that order).
The allies and enemies setting uses colors reminiscent of MegaMan.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE, respectively.
Code: [Select]
69 87 d2|a5 d2 ff|c3 0f 2d|ff a5 c3|1e 96 1e|87 e1 5a|d2 87 00|ff ff 00|0f 4b a5|1e 96 d2|c3 1e 1e|d2 96 69|
(click to show/hide)

Elemental N
An alternative to the Elemental preset (and my personal favorite), this color scheme hearkens to the NormalNavis of the Battle Network series (largely inspired by Battle Chip Challenge).
The team-based colors setting uses colors reminiscent of Navi types A, F, W, and E (in that order).
The allies and enemies setting uses colors reminiscent of your standard NormalNavis and HeelNavis, respectively.
Code: [Select]
0f 69 96|87 e1 c3|ff 4b 3c|ff b4 c3|b4 78 2d|96 d2 2d|a5 69 c3|e1 b4 2d|3c a5 5a|d2 b4 1e|96 2d a5|4b 87 a5|
(click to show/hide)

This is a color scheme of my own design, inspired by both the default team colors and the Extraterrestrial preset.
It invokes bright, saturated colors to make each team really distinct. Give it a shot!
Code: [Select]
00 88 94|58 f8 98|88 00 70|d8 40 60|50 a0 00|b8 f8 18|c8 48 08|f8 98 38|00 88 94|58 f8 98|88 00 70|d8 40 60|
(click to show/hide)

I've had way too much fun with this, and I invite you all to share your own!

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM V4C - Released!
« on: April 04, 2022, 02:09:54 AM »
I'm afraid this version is almost 7 years old. It's probably no longer available for download.

The current version is v6a, which boasts quite a lot more content, and can be found here:

Forum Games / Re: [Results] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: March 14, 2021, 01:14:19 PM »
20 votes total this time. It was closer than I expected.


Napalm Man lurched forth, treads in high gear, unleashing every weapon in his arsenal. Galaxy Man, meanwhile, took to the skies, doing his best to evade Napalm Man's barrage and strategically setting off Black Hole Bombs to limit his opponent's movement.

The battle raged on. Dust and debris filled the air, obscuring Napalm Man's vision. Galaxy Man seized the opportunity.

Napalm Man's vision suddenly cleared as a surprise Black Hole Bomb slurped up the debris filling the area, threatening to do the same to him. Before he could react, Galaxy Man dropped in and delivered a decisive body slam from behind. Napalm Man, unable to escape the pull of the void, was drawn deep into the abyss.

Galaxy Man stood triumphant, claiming the title of Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER!

(click to show/hide)


I want to thank everyone for sticking with me through all this. The voter turnout was consistently good, even if I got a bit complacent towards the end. I had a lot of fun putting this together and seeing it through, and I hope you all enjoyed the results.

Speaking of results, I'm not satisfied with simply finding out who the Best Robot Master EVER is, and so I kept track of the votes for each Robot Master and did some math wizardry to put together something more substantial. The tournament spreadsheet has been updated to include each Robot Master ranked based on their placement in the tournament and the average percentage of votes received.

You're free to peruse this at your leisure, but here are some items of note that I thought you all would enjoy.

(click to show/hide)

That's all from me. Thanks for playing!

24 votes are more than enough to move things along.

Napalm Man held absolutely nothing back against Hard Man and Snake Man, determined to take the title for himself (Napalm Man 13.5, Snake Man 12, Hard Man 10.5).

Hard Man and Snake Man have been eliminated!

As the winner of the lower pool, Napalm Man advances to the championship match! In an ordinary double elimination tournament, the winner of the loser's bracket would have to earn two victories against the other finalist to be considered the winner. However, since this is a forum game and playing this match twice over would be wholly redundant, we'll only be doing this once.


The air is thick with tension. Spectators everywhere watch with bated breath as the last two remaining Robot Masters draw near.

On one side is Dr. Light's chromatic interstellar wanderer, Galaxy Man. 7 years ago, he fought valiantly in the championship match of the last tournament, where he took second place in a 3-way battle. Now, on his way to the championship match, he triumphed over the former champion in the hopes of taking the title for himself.

On the other side is Dr. Wily's endless walking arsenal, Napalm Man. 10 years ago, he claimed victory in the Robot Master Hurt 'n' Heal tournament, demonstrating his superiority by outlasting almost 100 other Robot Masters in the ultimate test of endurance. This grizzled veteran has felled many a strong opponent to reach this point.

The crowd goes silent as the pair takes their places, unwavering. The outcome of this match will determine who is crowned champion and awarded the title of Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER!

The Grand Finale
Championship Match

Galaxy Man vs. Napalm Man

My vote: Napalm Man

Forum Games / Re: [Finals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: March 04, 2021, 05:42:41 PM »
27 votes total. The end is in sight.

In the upper pool...

Neither Hard Man nor Snake Man could stand up to Galaxy Man's otherworldly powers, and found themselves cast into the void (Galaxy Man 16.5, Hard Man & Snake Man 12).

In the lower pool...

Napalm Man was unfazed by the archaic fighting styles of Knight Man and Pharaoh Man, and gave them a taste of modern warfare (Napalm Man 14, Knight Man 13.5, Pharaoh Man 13).

Knight Man and Pharaoh Man have been eliminated!

Galaxy Man advances to the championship match! As for the others, with one loss each, this next match is their last chance to stay in the running and challenge Galaxy Man for the title.

Lower Pool
Finals (Major)
Hard Man vs. Snake Man vs. Napalm Man

My vote:

Napalm Man > Snake Man > Hard Man

Forum Games / Re: [Finals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: February 28, 2021, 10:09:20 PM »
You'll forgive my lateness. Things on my end have been pretty tumultuous and exhausting, and I frankly just kept forgetting about this for a little while.

In any case, there were 25 votes total. A good turnout.

Elec Man was no match for Knight Man's tenacity, and so he failed to defend his title of best Robot Master EVER (Knight Man 14-11)!
Pharaoh Man reinforced his timeless authority, weathering Tornado Man's ferocious storm from within his tomb (Pharaoh Man 13-12).
Dust Man inhaled a whole bunch of Napalm Man's explosives, giving him terrible and unspeakable indigestion (Napalm Man 16-9).

Elec Man, Tornado Man, and Dust Man have been eliminated!

Now, we're onto the finals of each pool. After this phase, the champions of both pools will go head-to-head in one final bout to determine the best Robot Master EVER!

Upper Pool
Hard Man vs. Galaxy Man vs. Snake Man

Lower Pool
Finals (Minor)
Knight Man vs. Pharaoh Man vs. Napalm Man

My vote:

Galaxy Man > Snake Man > Hard Man

Knight Man > Napalm Man > Pharaoh Man

Forum Games / Re: [Semifinals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: February 16, 2021, 05:42:34 PM »
We've accumulated 30 votes this time. An impressive turnout!

In the upper pool...

Hard Man slugged Dust Man right in the gut, causing him to spew the contents of his trash compactor all over the ring (Hard Man 19-11).
Though the battle was close, Tornado Man's swirling vortex couldn't stand up to Galaxy Man's swirling vortex (Galaxy Man 16-14).
Napalm Man laid waste to the jungle Snake Man hid within, but the ensuing chaos made him easy pickings for the predator (Snake Man 16-14).

In the lower pool...

With flail in hand, Knight Man entered the haunted castle, fought through legions of underworld minions, and slew vamipric Shade Man (Knight Man 16-14).
Showing no patience for Nitro Man's modern contrivances, Pharaoh Man's ancient power brought his opponent to a screeching halt (Pharaoh Man 18-12).
In a bombastic and energetic battle, Elec Man and Blast Man matched each other bolt for bomb, until Blast Man ran out of ammo (Elec Man 22-8).

Shade Man, Nitro Man, and Blast Man have been eliminated!

After the major phase, it's onto the final matches of each pool. After that, the grand finals will match the winners of both pools in one final confrontation to determine the best Robot Master EVER!
In other words, there are only 3 more updates before we have a winner!

Lower Pool
Semifinals (Major)

Knight Man vs. Elec Man
Pharaoh Man vs. Tornado Man
Napalm Man vs. Dust Man

My vote:

Knight Man
Pharaoh Man
Napalm Man

Forum Games / Re: [Semifinals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: February 11, 2021, 02:12:15 PM »
26 votes this time around. I won't lie--I totally forgot about this for a little while, but we're back now!

Burner Man's bear traps weren't enough to slow down Nitro Man, and he quickly found himself burning out (Nitro Man 17-9).
Knight Man enforces both the spirit and letter of the law, and as Gravity Man learned, that includes the laws of physics (Knight Man 17-9).
When Strike Man stepped up to bat, Blast Man pitched the ultimate beanball and sent his unassuming opponent running home (Blast Man 15-11).

Deeming Punk's razor-sharp figure to be nothing short of revolting, Elec Man decided to be rid of him as fast as possible (Elec Man 14-12).
Shade Man demonstrated his mastery of flight by weathering Air Man's aerial onslaught and siphoning his energy reserves (Shade Man 16-10).
Guts Man aptly punched Shadow Man's lights out, but his lumbering frame couldn't keep pace with crafty Pharaoh Man (Pharaoh Man 16, Guts Man 12, Shadow Man 11).

Burner Man, Gravity Man, Strike Man, Punk, Air Man, Shadow Man, and Guts Man have been eliminated!

Onto the semifinals! With only 12 Robot Masters remaining, we're rapidly nearing the end.

Upper Pool

Hard Man vs. Dust Man
Tornado Man vs. Galaxy Man
Napalm Man vs. Snake Man

Lower Pool
Semifinals (Minor)

Shade Man vs. Knight Man
Pharaoh Man vs. Nitro Man
Elec Man vs. Blast Man

My vote:

Hard Man
Galaxy Man
Snake Man

Knight Man
Pharaoh Man
Blast Man

Anything Goes / Re: Cutstuff Sanctuary
« on: February 06, 2021, 10:55:47 PM »
I think I speak for many of us in saying that you're hardly the only person who has regrets over the things they've said and done in past years. I can't help but cringe when I think back on the way I used to carry myself around here: I was hypersensitive, petty, and had little to no grasp of online etiquette, which led to a lot of senseless bickering and unnecessary grief for myself and others.

Still, I've always been of the mind that identifying and acknowledging past mistakes is a definite sign of personal growth. I think that's something to be proud of, especially if you take the steps to avoid making those very mistakes again. This goes for everyone: be confident and don't sell yourself short, but always have a willingness to learn and grow.

All that besides, those tumultuous years helped me get to know a lot of great people--some of whom I've had the privilege of meeting in-person, and those relationships have helped me build a sort of backbone when it comes to the way I carry myself nowadays. I'm very grateful to those that accepted or even tolerated me, even when I was at my worst.

Forum Games / Re: [Quarterfinals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: February 04, 2021, 06:15:18 PM »
A whopping 32 votes today--the highest thus far! Maybe I should start letting it sit a little longer, then?

In the upper pool...

Snake Man, with his aversion to being tread upon, laid a nasty trap for the motorist Nitro Man and brought him to a halt (Snake Man 17-15).
Wielders of wind battled it out high above, wracking the firmament, until Tornado Man sent Air Man tumbling down (Tornado Man 19-13).
Hard Man's resilience allowed him to prevail against the ruthlessness of Punk and Blast Man (Hard Man 18.5, Punk 16, Blast Man 13.5).

In the lower pool...

Burner Man and Jupiter's battle left the world around them a smoldering wasteland, from which only Burner Man emerged (Burner Man 20-12).
Shadow Man's ninja training made short work of Solar Man, turning off the sun so that he could run through the night (Shadow Man 18-14).
In the ensuing pyroclasm, Fire Man and Turbo Man burned themselves out, while Pharaoh Man remained standing (Pharaoh Man 17, Fire Man & Turbo Man 15.5).

Jupiter, Solar Man, Fire Man, and Turbo Man have been eliminated!

One update for the major phase and then it's on to the semifinals!

Lower Pool
Quarterfinals (Major) -- Group A

Burner Man vs. Nitro Man
Gravity Man vs. Knight Man
Blast Man vs. Strike Man

Quarterfinals (Major) -- Group B

Punk vs. Elec Man
Air Man vs. Shade Man
Shadow Man vs. Guts Man vs. Pharaoh Man

My vote:

Nitro Man
Knight Man
Blast Man

Elec Man
Air Man
Guts Man > Pharaoh Man > Shadow Man

Forum Games / Re: [Quarterfinals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 31, 2021, 05:19:03 PM »
25 votes today. I was a little late on this one, but I'm not losing any sleep over it.

In the upper pool...

Dust Man drew Strike Man in with his mighty suction and then sent him flying right out of the park (Dust Man 14-11).
In a grudge match over 6 years in the making, Galaxy Man finally triumphed and took Elec Man down (Galaxy Man 19-6).
A battle between brothers, though incredibly close, ended with Napalm Man victorious over Gravity Man (Napalm Man 13-12).

In the lower pool...

Shade Man was wholly unimpressed with Magic Man's cheap parlor tricks and booed him off the stage (Shade Man 16-9).
Sheep Man blindly followed Knight Man to his own slaughter, oblivious to his destiny as mutton chops (Knight Man 16-9).
Guts Man grabbed Blizzard Man and bowled him down the slope, knocking down as many trees as he could (Guts Man 16-9).

Magic Man, Sheep Man, and Blizzard Man have been eliminated!

We have a couple more three-way matchups today!

Upper Pool
Quarterfinals -- Group B

Snake Man vs. Nitro Man
Tornado Man vs. Air Man
Punk vs. Hard Man vs. Blast Man

Lower Pool
Quarterfinals (Minor) -- Group B

Burner Man vs. Jupiter
Shadow Man vs. Solar Man
Fire Man vs. Pharaoh Man vs. Turbo Man

My vote:

Snake Man
Tornado Man
Blast Man > Punk > Hard Man

Shadow Man
Fire Man > Pharaoh Man > Turbo Man

For a while, about half of the weapons were done (by myself, mostly, with assistance from Lego and Badz), a few were partway made, and the rest were merely conceptualized and sprited. Trillster offered to finish the remaining ones for us, and then made them compatible with his own Modular Weapons project. Without his contributions, they probably would have stayed in limbo for a while longer.

Forum Games / Re: [Quarterfinals] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 28, 2021, 02:35:55 PM »
21 votes today, including one that trickled in as I was counting and happened to serve as a tiebreaker. Thanks!

Though it was a close match, Blizzard Man ultimately turned Gemini Man and his clones into glistening ice sculptures (Blizzard Man 11-10).
Ballade's arrogance and recklessness proved to be his downfall as Pharaoh Man taught him a lesson in humility (Pharaoh Man 14-7).
Feeling hungry after all of these tough matches, Fire Man turned Hyper Storm H into a delicious whole roast hog (Fire Man 16-5).
Fuse Man and Magnet Man's electromagnetic clash went up in flames when Burner Man got in on the action (Burner Man 13, Fuse Man 9.5, Magnet Man 9).

Gemini Man, Ballade, Hyper Storm H, Magnet Man, and Fuse Man have been eliminated!

And thus concludes the third round! The quarterfinals are up next, and should only take 3 updates to complete. Things are rapidly accelerating!

Upper Pool
Quarterfinals -- Group A

Strike Man vs. Dust Man
Galaxy Man vs. Elec Man
Gravity Man vs. Napalm Man

Lower Pool
Quarterfinals (Minor) -- Group A

Magic Man vs. Shade Man
Sheep Man vs. Knight Man
Guts Man vs. Blizzard Man

My vote:

Strike Man
Galaxy Man
Napalm Man

Magic Man
Knight Man
Guts Man

Forum Games / Re: [Round 3] Cutstuff 2020's Best Robot Master EVER
« on: January 28, 2021, 02:22:04 PM »
Voting is now closed! Stay tuned for the results...

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