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The Robots are Revolting! (DOS Reborn) [Weapons Pack Released!]

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Magnet Dood:
Alternatively known as "Third Time's the Charm."

Welcome to the new and improved Mega Man PC Expansion!

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Skin Pack
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Map Pack

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Weapons (Compatible with Map Pack)
Weapons (Compatible with Trillster's Weapon Randomizer)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, those aren't the DOS Robot Masters at all!
I suppose I've got some explaining to do.
As many of you forum-goers know, I have been the leader of many expansions in the past, DOS being the most prominent. I was a staunch supporter of keeping things original and using the source material for the majority of my leadership tenure. However, over the summer, I finally realized that... well, the original DOS games really suck. And to be frank, the source material wouldn't translate right in MM8BDM at all. Seriously, DOS 3 had, like, three weapons that just fired a simple projectile forward, with no added features to them. No thanks.
Instead I was introduced to these awesome redesigns of the entire DOS cast, and decided to reboot the DOS project with completely new material-- new stages, new weapons, new Robot Master designs... essentially, new everything. So that's where all this comes from.

So is this actually the DOS Expansion, or is it something new?
That's up to the viewer to decide. As far as I'm concerned, it is, but the only thing this project shares with the old one is in name only. Pretty much everything else is new.

Okay, who's on your team? It isn't just you again, is it?
Not this time! My team is currently composed of the following 10 individuals (not including myself):
Caprice: Tileset Design
LlamaHombre: Mapper
Galactan: Mapper
Watzup7856: Mapper'
Thunderono: Mapper
Rozark: Mapper
Gumballtoid: General Handyman
Badz: Weapon Designer
Korby: Spriter
Lego & SmashBro: Design Consultants
Trillster: Weaponsmith
DarkAura: Photographer
FTX: Spriter
IamaMedalHunter: Spriter

Well, shucks, seems like quite the team. Mind if I join on?
Well, you can't just sign up willy-nilly. One of the big leadership problems that was my fault on the last one was that I just kind of handed out stuff to whoever wanted it. Now, I'll be going through a harsher vetting process. I would like to see some of your former work, if possible, and I'll require a majority of the current team members to sign off on your addition, as well. Don't let that discourage you, however-- we're a pretty open bunch.

What do you currently require, then?
We've already got some decent progress going at the moment, but admittedly, we're pretty short on hands for a project this ambitious. Essentially, we need everything-- spriters, skinners, weapon-coders, mappers, tile-set makers...

Also, feel free to put any of your own ideas into this topic! Some things are already set in stone, at the moment, but we're still throwing around concepts for a ton of things. Weapon concepts, map concepts, you name it, give it to us. We'll be certain to consider it for the project if it's up to snuff. One thing that would be especially helpful would be prop designs, as a matter fact. We'd love to get some common enemy props to dot the stages with. In fact, we might do something about that later down the line... (hint hint)

Wait, didn't NemZ already make all of your tiles?
Not quite. As we said, we're going with all new stuff here, and his tiles are built off of the source material, which we won't be using.

Will this have its own campaign?
That's certainly a goal for it, but it won't happen until after the first release, most likely.

What about those pesky custom weapons? Will there be a version that doesn't have them so I can enjoy the maps?
Yep! There will be a separate pack that will remove the weapons in order to make the expansion a little more server-friendly.

Special thanks go to:
SnakePixel, designer of all these sick concepts who allowed me to use them. Dude's an artistic genius; go check out his twitter page to see his stuff! (The DOS designs are buried at the moment, but a little digging will find them in a couple of minutes:
All of the members of the old team and those who helped with it, including NemZ especially. Sorry we never got to use your stuff to much effect.
Kackebango, for allowing me to use his music once more (and for composing some new tracks for this, as well!).
Rozner Labs & Hi-Tech Expressions, for making it all possible in the first place.

If you wish to apply for helping out, please send me a PM with your Skype name, preferred position (mapper, spriter, what have you) and a sample of your work if you have it.

(click to show/hide)MAPS

MMDSON: Sonic Man

Bubble Bath

Blow Torch

Magnet Dood:
Progress List

(click to show/hide)Current Team
Gumballtoid: General Handyman
Badz: Weapon Designer
SmashBro: Weapon Designer
Korby: Spriter
IamMedalHunter: Spriter
FTX: Spriter
DarkAura: Spriter
Caprice: Tileset Design
LlamaHombre: Mapper
Rozark: Mapper
Duora: Mapper
Galactan: Mapper
Watzup7856: Mapper
Thunderono: Mapper
Lego: Mapper/Weapon Tuner
Dr. Freeman: Mapper/Music
OrangeMario: Music
Bit Man: Finished by IamMedalHunter
Buoy Man: Finished by Magnet Dood
Dyna Man: Finished by IamMedalHunter
Knife Man: Finished by IamMedalHunter
Petrol Man: Finished by FTX
Shark Man: Finished by IamMedalHunter
Sonic Man: Finished by IamMedalHunter
Torch Man: Finished by Magnet Dood
Volt Man: Finished by FTX

Bit Man: 100% Complete by Thunder
Buoy Man: 100% Complete by Korby/Caprice/Magnet Dood
Dyna Man: 90% Complete by Galactan (miner touch ups)
Knife Man: 100% Complete by Lego
Petrol Man: 90% Complete by Rozark (minor touch ups)
Shark Man: 100% Complete by Thunder/Magnet Dood
Sonic Man: 90% Complete by Watzup (minor touch ups)
Torch Man: 90% Complete by Thunder (awaiting props)
Volt Man: 100% Complete by Duora

Drill Pike: Finished by Trillster
Bubble Bath: Finished by Gumballtoid
Dynamite Cluster: Finished by Gumballtoid
Knife Spread: Finished by Gumballtoid
Sludge Burst: Finished by Trillster
Shark Attack: Finished by Lego
Sonic Pulse: Finished by Badz
Blow Torch: Finished by Gumballtoid
Plasma Cutter: Finished by Badz

If you're a tile-set maker who wishes to help, consult the mappers first.

I've always wanted to try helping with this expansion. To sum up my strong-points, I'm a jack of all trades... except for mapping. With that being said though, I don't exactly have much to show as for experience, mostly due to none of it being properly released such as projects like VGC and MMWorld. Though I'd still love to help with this project in the form of weapons or general spritework.

I love that you're using the fan-made redesigns over the lackluster originals. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all turns out!

Also, I wonder if that unused/unseen scientist that SnakePixel named Dr. Samba would make an appearance in this expansion of sorts.

Hey, I remember occasionally seeing those DOS redesigns. A really good call that you all decided to use those instead of the original ones.

Will this expansion follow some sort of made-up plot or lore, or a retelling of the DOS plot? Will "Dr. Samba" and CRORQ appear in this story? Does SnakePixel know about this?


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