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The Robots are Revolting! (DOS Reborn) [Weapons Pack Released!]

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Magnet Dood:
To answer these publically, yes, Snakepixel does know we're using his designs and he gave us permission to do so. As for the campaign plot, we can't spoil it of course, but Dr. Samba and CRORQ are going to be involved in it. We'll have to ask about using him, but I think it won't be problematic.

I really don't get why you'd abandon a project that was nearly complete in favor of starting over from scratch yet again, especially when now it pretty much is just a fangame expansion and nothing to do with the originals at all.

Because the originals were terrible games that are not worth representing with the subpar contributions that were in the unfinished predecessor to this expansion.
In addition, work on the old project had stagnated to a point where progress was likely never going to happen, much like the Megaman and Bass expansion I attempted to run long ago.

Magnet Dood:
Hate to break it to you, but the old one wasn't even close to getting finished either. Only thing that was done were the skins, and even most of those were outdated and frankly pretty bad. Weapons weren't coded, maps weren't getting done, and almost no one helped with it.

I'd much rather make an expansion based on fanmade concepts with a lot of help than one based on a real game where I have to beg to get so much as a consideration to help me out with it.

If you aren't keeping some semblance of the original flavor I just don't see the point.  But whatever, good luck actually finishing something for once.


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