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[TUTORIAL] Using ZDL to launch MM8BDM custom content

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This tutorial is for getting ZDoom Launcher (ZDL) working so you can have a method for easily testing your custom content in singleplayer while we wait for the next update.
Note this is only an option for windows users.

Step 1) Download Here

Step 2) In the MM8BDM Folder, or whereever you wish, make a folder called ZDL(so you have it all contained in one space) and extract the contents into it.

Step 3) double click the exe, you'll get a message pop up, and we'll see this window.

Step 4) Configuring.
First off, we need to define the source port. So lets do that now. Click the ZDL button, then options.

At the window, you'll see two sides. One for Ports, one for Iwads. We'll make the Port first.
Simply click add.
Name, Skulltag.
Path, browse for your Skulltag location.

Next, we'll do the same for iwads.
Click the add button on the iwad side.
Name, MM8BDM or Megaman 8 bit Deathmatch, or whatever you wish to name it as.
Path, browse for the iwads location.

Next we'll hit ok. Optionally you may want to tick "close on launch" for ZDL to auto close it self after you launch.

Step 5) Adding the pk3
Now, the one problem with ZDL is that it won't have the mm8bdm-v1.pk3 auto loaded. But that's no problem. We'll add it.
Hit the add button, and find the mm8bdm-v1.pk3.

Step 6) Custom Content
Now to get the custom content working. First off. ZDL launches in hierarchy. Which is why the pk3 file must always be the first item. Simply, do the same for the content you wish to add. In my case, lets add the CTF maps I'm working on.

Done. With all this content working, we're ready to launch.
Hit Launch and bam! Skulltag will load with MM8BDM and all our  custom content loaded. From there you can do the campaign, offline skirmish or anything else.

Q) How do I spawn directly to a map?
A) In ZDL, in the warp section, type in the map name. In the case of my custom map, it's icft01.

Pretty good. I'm downloading this right now.

Mr. X:
It works and it's simple.  I'll be updating my topic to tell people to use this right away!

Very simple way of putting it and its never confused me.

(part removed and comment edited)
It's an awesome launcher and a lot faster to use than the MM8BDM integrated launcher. Personally recomend it


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