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From the person who brought you the only finished fan-expansion on Cutstuff
Powered Up doesn't count because it wasn't even new material but I was part of that too


Grab the Expansion! (Outdated)
Expansion v1

Grab the map pack! For classes and other mods
Map Pack v2
Map Pack v1

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Skin Pack v2


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8 Robot Masters - Complete
(click to show/hide)Crypt Man - Finished by Jakeinator
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Pulse Man - Finished by Lego
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Virus Man - finished by Maxine
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Fuse Man - finished by Maxine
(click to show/hide)

Photon Man - finished by LlamaHombre
(click to show/hide)

Shock Man - finished by Maxine
(click to show/hide)

Circuit Man - finished by Mendez
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Charade Man - finished by Mendez
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First Fusion set - Complete
(click to show/hide)Terror Man - finished by Jakeinator
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Flare Man - finished by Mendez
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Plague Man - finished by Maxine
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Power Man - finished by Dr. Freeman
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Second Fusion set - Complete
(click to show/hide)Thrill Man - finished by Lego
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Thermo Man - finished by Jakeinator
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War Man - finished by Mendez
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Port Man - finished by Dr. Freeman
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Death and Justice - Complete
(click to show/hide)Death Man - finished by LlamaHombre
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Fish Man - Mendez
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Polar Man - finished by Mendez
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Justice Man - finished by Maxine
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Weapons by me and people
(click to show/hide)Crypt Cloak - Finished
Activate this weapon to turn invisible. It doesn't last long, but you can scoop up energy if you want. Whenever you land with your cloak on, you'll send shockwaves in all directions.
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Pulse Stopper - Finished
Hold the button down to surround yourself in a tiny ring that can deal ripping contact damage if you get incredibly close. Release to fire a lazy slow ripping projectile.
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Virus Outbreak - Finished
Fire to create a ring of infection. Continue to hold fire to increase its range in exchange for more ammo. Damaged enemies can't be hit twice but will take more damage from any other form of offence. Combo time!
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Phantom Fuse - Finished
Fire a quick-travelling fuse that you can aim around with your mouse. Has a wide explosion radius when brought into contact with anything, but can be difficult to wrangle.
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Photon Flare - Finished
Rather than being a miniature Rain Flush - Flash Stopper hybrid, this flare will float in the air above your head for a while and will explode into a shower of exploding sparks when someone gets close, like a land mine... sky mine... Runs out over time.
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Shock Gauntlet - Finished
Fire out a quick boomerang magnet that will pull players back towards you on the return trip. Get over here!! Barely does any damage by itself but the pull effect is strong.
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Circuit Breaker - Finished
Rapidly fire a cone spread of exploding... green things
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Charade Clone - Finished
Hold down the button to clone yourself and run off. Press it again, or get damaged, and you'll explode and return to where you are. Switch weapons, or run out of time, and you'll teleport to where your clone is.
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(click to show/hide)[v1 -> v2]

- All actors now categorized under the MMRF-Props category in Doom Builder.
- All maps now have map cards.
- All maps now use Death Man's boss theme as Intense music. Last frag music removed from Deathmatch modes.
- All maps now have team spawn. Duke it out against the other team(s) in Team Last Man Standing!
- All new platform-type elements have been given voxels! Experience the depth of Fuse Man's mine cart ride in Software or Open GL!
- This update has 8 new maps!
-- MMRFWAR - WAR MAN by Mendez
-- MMRFPOR - PORT MAN by Dr. Freeman
-- MMRFDEA - DEATH MAN by Llamahombre
-- MMRFFIS - FISH MAN by Mendez
-- MMRFPOL - POLAR MAN by Mendez

- Freed the map from the grasp of darkness.
- Added additional spawns of item 1.
- Changes to the Taker:
-- Fist now cannot spawn until the most recent one has completed.
-- Fist can now pass through chains left behind by other Fists.
-- Entire chain now disappears at once.

- Structural adjustments to enhance map flow.
- Rain Flush -> Tornado Blow.
- Flash Bomb -> Remote Mine.
- Added Item-2.
- Fixed some visual issues in Software mode.

- Magma Bazooka -> Leaf Shield

- Background pipes no longer loop infinitely in software mode.
- Yoku blocks added to make map traversal easier.
- Super Adaptor -> Plant Barrier
- Scorch Wheel -> Top Spin

- Thunder Claw -> Rolling Cutter.
- Water Balloon -> Yamato Spear.
- Crystal Eye -> Drill Bomb.
- Count bombs replaced with new ones modelled after Mega Man 6.
- Added fireworks. When near pits, fireworks will shoot out.
- Fuse Cart now uses a new sticky script. Movement while riding this cart should feel smoother.
- Fuse Cart updated to be a little less buggy.

- Fixed a bug where the water was permanently electrified, causing instant death upon attempting to swim.
- Warning siren now plays briefly before the water becomes electrocuted.
- Electrified water damage reduced: 25 -> 15.
- Added a safety net by Spark Shock.
- Hornet Chaser and Magic Card spawn positions swapped.
- Ice Slasher -> Crash Bomb.

- Conveyor belt textures changed to mark their direction.
- Removed the testing room.
- Metal Blade -> Wild Coil.
- Circuit blocks now use a new sticky script. Riding the blocks down the conveyor belts should feel smoother.
- Circuit block death animations were standardized and now appear from the center of the object.
-- Blocks destroyed by hitting players now play the same animation as those destroyed by players.
-- Blocks falling in pits now disappear instead of "exploding."

- Count bombs replaced with new ones modelled after Mega Man 6.
- Fixed a bug where the slot spin sound would play infinitely.
- Reduced the length of time the slots take to choose their next platform.
- Slots can no longer choose the same platform type more than once in a row.
- Added Thunder Claw pegs.
- Added Item-1.
- Various weapon spawn positions changed.
- Jewel Satellite -> Magma Bazooka.
- Charge Kick -> Scorch Wheel.
- Air Shooter -> Centaur Flash.
- Magic Card -> Thunder Claw.
- Needle Cannon -> Wild Coil.

- Removed Count Bombs.
- Added more spawns for Wire Adaptor.
- Remote Mine -> Flash Bomb.
- Skull Barrier -> Centaur Flash.
- Gamma background no longer cut off.
- Added jumpscare skull.

- Count bombs replaced with new ones modelled after Mega Man 6.
- Flare spitters now have a visual indicator after they've been triggered but before they deal damage.
- Flash Bomb -> Hyper Bomb.
- Skull Barrier -> Leaf Shield.
- Added a large health next to the short corridor by Hyper Bomb.
- Added fireworks. When near pits, fireworks will shoot out.

- Pits now deal "Slime" damage.
- Flame Blast -> Star Crash.
- Old Star Crash by Block Snake -> Rain Flush.
- Blast Zone size increased.
- Glass tanks in the back now block projectiles.
- Small visual adjustments.
- Updated block snake to appear more smooth with its block spawning.

- Lift platforms no longer allow objects to pass beneath them.
All credits can be found in the files.

We made it bois. Love u all
From the grave, we did it.

Ayy, Rock Force Expansion? Count me in, I can code stuff and make smaller sprites. My Skype's Sonicfam1102 and my Discord is Sonicfam1102#2887 (Cutmail works too).

I might take on Photonman skin because why not.

I have my own versions of the Rock Force weapons. I implemented charade clone as an escape / sneaking weapon. Pressing fire places a clone. When you get hit, you teleport back to the original clone. Pressing fire again turns off invisibility and fires the clone right in front of you. Might be good for variety considering Pulse Stopper is an offensive weapon and not a shield.

I think your one overlaps with Crypt Cloak a bit too much and the point of 'cloning' is kind of lost if one of the clones is invisible but making it more defensive is definitely a good idea

Also may I borrow your sound effects? I was going to record them all later with the music off but I didn't realise you had them


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