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(V5B) Creating Map Creator Cards for your maps!

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With V5B finally out, this tutorial is now relevant. Also:

--- Quote from: SmashBroPlusB on January 24, 2017, 08:18:58 PM ---Maybe "intense" could be used in core during Team LMS or a Duel? Say, there's only one player left on each team for TLMS, or in Duel both players are just one frag away from winning. Those two modes seem perfect for an "intense" situation in my opinion.
--- End quote ---

I ended up doing this for TLMS but not Duel. If only two players remain and the teams are tied in TLMS, the set "intense" music will play!

Sir Anon0mos:
Hi, I'm getting an error saying that SetCvarString is not defined. This is in v5c.

Nevermind, the v5b editing pack fixed it. I just assumed it was fixed in v5c.

I have the code set up correctly but my map card still doesn't show up. Is there a different way to create map cards now?

Nevermind, I got it figured out.

So, any time i make a script to put the map card code in, it always says unknown file type when i load the map back in to slade, the only thing it will work with is zdoom mapinfo and i cant put the code in there or it breaks, please help


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