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QBox Rerolled - Randomized Pickups


Perfect time to start modding for deathmatch again,
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QBox Rerolled

Inspired and influenced by SickSadWorld's original QBox mode, this version aims to be a more lightweight version that's built to last for all future versions of MM8BDM. Version 6 introduced some new modding tools to make that possible, so I wanted to throw my hat into the ring to show how these new tools can be used by example. It's the same simple rules as the last go. Pickups are replaced with mystery boxes that can be broken to reveal a certain type of item inside. Only this time, now the weapons are truly randomized, so expect to see far more Black Hole Bomb in your rounds.

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Download QBox Rerolled v1 Here!

For any inquiries or feedback, you can contact me on Discord at Trillster#2887


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