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Viral Roboenza -- V1c


Hey, you!
Have you played the MM8BDM V6 Chapter 12 campaign and thought, "Man, that Roboenza outbreak would be fun with online friends.."
You want the virus to STOP?
Well, too bad!

Introducing.. The Viral Roboenza Gamemode!

By taking some of the samples and engineers of the virus, we were able to replicate it into a form that can be released upon (almost) everywhere!
In a facility, in a team based brawl, in a survival of the fittest, so long as you can bring it, you can spread it!

--The Gameplay & Differences--
Alright, so here's the deal, compared to Chapter 12, the way the Roboenza works here slightly differs.
The effects remain the same, although some may have been changed to better suit the game.

On Round Start, Roboenza will spread to all players available effective immediately, giving them a variety of changes, and each effect is swapped on death!

In the types, we have..
(click to show/hide)
Type - Anger - Increases your damage!
Type - Speed - Increases your speed!
Type - Wide - Fires three projectiles at once!
Type - Hyper - Fires your weapons faster!
Type - Invisibilty - Cloaks you on intervals!
Type - Timeslow - Slows enemies (and allies) around you!
Type - Flight - Let's you fly around temporarily!
Type - Pull - Pull everyone towards you! == WARNING, THIS ONE IS DISABLED BY DEFAULT.

With all these effects.. it's hard to have order and coordination when everything gets thrown off!

Though.. what's this?
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Someone built to take a stand against the horde?!
It seems that at least one person will not be infected, but it seems to have a requirement of "Player TID 0", whatever that means alongside whatever command "Playerinfo" is to check..!
This warrior will have many traits! Faster speed, higher defense, stronger attacks, and a special trait, constant regeneration!
Their health and ammunition will constantly refill overtime.  It might not be strong enough, but it's definitely enough to keep an edge within the horde.
Well, all is said and done!
Are you ready to tackle and fight in the horde of Viral Roboenza?

TSPG Download Link to V1C

Bugs might be found and stuff, but it will be fixed whenever possible and identified!
oh lord help me

First of all, where do I have to place this mod? Is it required to place it in the skins folder or do you have to click on addfile to add this mod?
And which command do you have to use to change the game mode?

You just place this in the wads folder and load it up. It doesn't matter what gamemode it is, it just happens regardless. Be it Deathmatch, or Last Man Standing.


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