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The possibility of client side hud skins


Hello, today with the help of Ecl1p5e from the 8bdm discord I attempted at modifying CBM's(v9d) Splash Woman's Buff Icons, although possible by opening a server with that wad as an optional, you cannot use it in any way on servers without it, here's a few things I tried.

1. making a wad file with the correctly made sprites and including it in the mod pk3:
Not possible due to it making the mod incompatible with the server's one.

2. Loading it as a parameter:
Not possible due to it loading before the mod and getting replaced (same goes for putting it in the skins folder).

TL;DRAttempted the above to replace hud icons for me online and it did not work.

The pointThe point of this post is see if there is a possibility of client side hud sprite modification and if it even exists (that being you being able to modify your hud sprites only for yourself and use it in any server)
Here is an example of what I was trying to do!excuse my low framerate, my computer is very slow...Icons(made by me):
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I really really want this to be possible one day :mrgreen:


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