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[TUTORIAL] Adding music to your map(s).

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Doesn't the music have to be a specific format? You can't just go and throw any .mp3 in, can you?

You can but be careful of the filesize.


--- Quote from: "DTDsphere" ---You can but be careful of the filesize.
--- End quote ---
As in it wont work, or I'll anger people with a large download?
(Sorry for a late reply)

Large download.

Some of these aren't supported in Skulltag yet. NSF's for example don't work yet.


--- Quote ---Adding music to your maps using Slumped
New Lump.
Name it "MAPINFO"
Use the template that you can find in the previous tutorial.
Save changes and you're done.
--- End quote ---

I'm still really confused. Can't you do a step by step?

And there's more you havent told us. For instance, how would we make the music work using the MAPINFO text? Do I find a file and put it into the Music folder, then say the name in MAPINFO? And how would we make the Map work in the Maps folder? So confusing!!!  :shock:


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