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Hello and welcome to my thread! I'll post any creations I've made here.
Feel free to discuss anything related to the things below in this thread!

Download RozpackV4.5 Now!
(It's a Map Pack, most likely the primary reason you're here. README, Changelog, and Agreement Information Included)
MEGA Download:!sWohDKBJ!m8uvpwMlvCiNtBN0BLw0dRXeSe7sW64b0tP8wlWhH8g
TSPG Download:

Enhance your Online Classes Experience with Classes Taunts!
(For use with CBM/Justified Classes, put this in your skins folder)
Classes All-Star:!8bokgJTA!I7PFiQxYWpU7biSIFhpWPwcdCZb0d05YRTRrDVpZdMY

Download the Dunkmaster Announcer V2.2 Now!
(Get Dunked/put in your announcer folder)!UTwnGLYb!ZHO49dCZtzYpK5FG1yYjU-saU_5iIGxQIzDOj9jpels

Download Genesis Tunes V2 Now!
(Replaces core music, put this in your skins folder)!pWwS2BIQ!-ipmy9xVBoTyZ9UIXDRlQuvWSo05k8QdpY9TePuEYCY

Download Behind The Door Now!
(It's sort of like a creepypasta, run this in single player. It's really outdated and a few things
are broken, but feel free to grab it regardless)!NXgFXKAQ!4eJnfdd-82XedjPlaUE-brxJKTOwUVF9Gx5GNcfkPaE

Download Eclipse Stadium V4 Now!
(You like one flag ctf? You like football? Cool. Here's a football stadium.)
MEGA Download:
TSPG Download:

RozpackV4.5 Screenshots
(Map Previews for V4.5)

Rozpack Beta Screenshots
(Some people are in to this sort of thing)

(For the full changelog that includes previous versions, open the file in Slade/Slumped)
Rozpack 4.5 Changelog:
Rozpack 4.5 Agreement:
Rozpack 4.5 Weapon List

Taunts Changelog
(click to show/hide)- Added MM9 and MM10 Taunts
- Added a default taunt for classes that don't have taunts
- Added placeholders for future classes
- Updated organization (It's super easy to look at now, I would hope)
- Introducing Classes All-Star Taunts! Switch your gender to change your taunt! Male taunts are FunTaunts, Female taunts are CBM's official taunts,
and Other is currently a placeholder (default) taunt. Due to this giant merge, I've taken the liberty of adjusting `most` taunts that were exactly the same or similar between both packs in the FunTaunts side of things.
- Added an archive for older and unused taunts
- UPDATED OR ADDED TAUNTS FOR THE FOLLOWING CLASSES (THIS IS NOT ORGANIZED): Drill, Original Duo, Cut, Wind, Gyro, Commando, Blizzard, Fake, Bass, Concrete, Strike, Search, Hard, Bright, Ice, Nitro, Alien, Galaxy, Light, Junk, Blade, Solar, Chill, Weapon Archive, Dive, Evil Robot, Spring, Tornado, Magic, Clown, Pirate, Flash, Ring, Quick, Crash, Flame, Wily, Maestro, Snake, Yamato, Quint, Aqua, Gravity, Elec, Splash, Auto, Wave, Copy

Genesis Tunes README
(click to show/hide)Thank you for choosing the GenesisTunes Music Pack!

Stage themes, boss themes, victory themes, and results themes (minus team games)
have been replaced with Genesis styled covers. Campaign bosses, hubs, and cutscenes
have not been adjusted. All tracks have been compressed to mono quality and closely
resemble their core counterparts.

All tracks included besides the ones listed below were
remixed by TheLegendOfRenegade. The following tracks contain
their original Wily Wars covers:

Due to the lack of Genesis covers for both Oilman, Timeman, and
Powered Up Boss theme, TENMUS3 replaces OILMUS and ASTMUS2
replaces Oilman. MM1BOSS is also MM1PBOSS. TENVMUS has
been replaced with a different cover of Tenguman Saturn.

This Music Pack was compiled and looped by Rozark.
Dunkmaster Announcer V2.2 Changelog
(click to show/hide)V2.2:
- Adjusted minor credit info
- Removed various blank noise at the front and back of a few clips
Feel free to leave comments/feedback on whatever, whenever.

I'll take a look in a sec, but you accidentally tried to use the download link as the image link, thus breaking the link.

Well how would I get it to show?

Well, upload an image to an image-hosting site, then copy the direct-download thing.



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