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[TUTORIAL] Making custom Crosshairs.

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So, you're bored of all the stock crosshairs? Well then, make your own! Open up your favourite image editor and draw a crosshair. Here's mine.

It must be a .png.
Black = fully transparent,
White = fully opaque.

Ok, now you got your crosshair png :mrgreen:! Make sure it's named XHAIRBx. x = any number. So if it was XHAIRB5 then ingame you would enter into console: Crosshair 5

Ok, now. Import it into Slumped (New lump from file). Now you gotta set the offsets.

Now lets see it ingame  :D

The crosshair seems to be massive because I'm at a resulution of 640 x 480 rather than my potential 1600 x 900

Yay it works! You can also change the colour by typing in console: Crosshaircolor "Blue" if you wanted a blue crosshair.
Or if you're Leet. Then you can type in Crosshaircolor "FF 20 95". That would create a light purple crosshair.
(A digit goes from 00 to 110 but 110 must be typed in as FF, so it's 97, 98, 99, F1, F2... F9, FF... this is not true but I find thinking of it that way makes it easier.)

This also works with Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch of course  :p. Oh and put the wad with the crosshair in your Skins folder.

And colours in your crosshair PNG get converted to the colour of your crosshair ingame.

Well changing the color of the crosshair would be I'll do that!
How would I make it a light grey?

This applies to all Doom mods so I'll put it here


--- Quote from: "CopShowGuy" ---Well changing the color of the crosshair would be I'll do that!
--- End quote ---
If it doesn't seem to work, Make sure Crosshairhealth is set to 0.

I'd like add some pointers in creating Crosshairs, since I worked with custom Crosshairs a lot in a mod of mine.

1) The Crosshair will look exactly how the graphic looks. If you don't want your custom crosshair to be pixelated, then be sure to make it more then a circle made out of single pixels.

2) Use a nice range of greys. It can really enhance the feel of your crosshair. Look at DTD's screenshot to see what I mean. If you make a solid white box, then it will be a solid color.

3) Positioning is critical on the crosshair graphic. If your center is off on the graphic, it will look very strange in game.


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