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[Game Mode] One Flag CTF to King of The Hill (v1a)

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Converts 1 flag capture the flag mode actors to king of the hill mode actors.
Provides KoTH acs.
Must be played in Teamgame(acs), 1 Flag CTF, or CTF.

The gray flag becomes the control point.
The red and blue flags become healing units.
KoTH is mostly TF2 style'd and includes overtime.

Sv_Possessionholdtime = how quickly the point is captured.
Pointlimit = tics the points must be held for to win. 3600 = standard 2 minutes. 900 = 30 seconds.

How to play KoTH for those who have not played it:
Capture the point by standing near the point; having more people standing near it makes it cap faster!
Capturing can be stopped by having an opposing team member be on the point. You should kill him.
Capture progress will detoriorate over time if capturing is stopped.

Fully capture the point to make it your team's own!
No need to capture the point anymore, just make sure the enemy doesn't capture it!
Have your team own the point in the middle until your team's time runs out. (If the point is being contested when time runs out, the match goes into overtime until you own it uncontestedly. Yes, your opponents can win through overtime.)

Double posting to say that I am aware of the point HUD covering horizontal health bars and of the lack of capturing sounds.

Magnet Dood:
This looks very impressive.

One flaw with it, of course, is that the CTF maps don't really fit in for KoTH due to their rather small size, but still this mode looks fun. I'll try it out later.

Moved it

Also, the map shown plays absolutely awfully in this mode, and a lot of stock maps tend to just be standing around the point with ripper weapons but despite that I'm sure you're onto something.

Well the simple response to that is making new maps. The stock maps just plain aren't well suited to the mode, which is understandable.


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